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Things To Do In Kenya

Kenya is where giants roam. it is a safari destination will surely add a charm to your visit. Just explore it with our Kenya Holiday Packages. 
Great Migration in Masai Mara
The wild beast migration is one of the “seven new wonders of the world” and also known as the world cup of Wildlife. The Masai Mara and the Serengeti National Park together from what no other reserve or park in Africa can! It is incredible, it is magical, and yes it is must. Wild beast migration normally starts from about mid June to Mid October. In actuality there is no such single unit as the ‘migration’. The wild beast are the migration- there is neither start nor finish to their endless search for food and water as they circle the Serengeti. Hence the whole ending is death. 
Scuba or snorkel the Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean generally conjures images of remote islands, beeches are so beautiful that they look photo shopped, sparkling azure waters, over water villas and a fabulous variety of marine life beneath the waves. Indian ocean is surely a deal for both diving and snorkel with a great collection of colorful coral and larger pelagic.  It is year round dive and snorkel destination. 
Flock of Flamingos at LAke Nakuru
Lake Nakuru is the lake of flamingos and they are migratory birds depending on local conditions. This lake attracts dozens of Flamingos, which line the shore. They dine on fish together and thrive on harsh environments and they keep on migrating over the seasons. Lake Nakuru also serves as the century for endangered black and white rhinos, lions, leopards and many others. 
Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria has a surface area of 68,800 sq km. It is the largest lake of Africa. In addition it is the largest tropical lake in the world, and the planet’s largest freshwater lake. The lake’s shores vary in aspect and is densely populated in Africa, within 50 miles (80 km) of its shores live several million people. Yet despite its huge size, the shimmering lake is quite shallow- only 75 meters at it’s deepest. And there is little Wildlife compared to the smaller Rift Valley lakes such as Lake Nakuru. 
Masai Market
Shopaholics get ready to shop at the Masai market, and cherish it all your life. Masai market is one of the lively spaces and a bit irresistible for newcomers. Kenyans are very entrepreneurial and the artisans, who come from variety of communities. Get the best price and best quality here. People will be enthusiastic to get you to their shop and offer to show you where to find things. Just walk with confidence, take your time and of course have fun and keep shopping. And the funniest part is bargaining, just grab the best deal and make the best out of it. 
Lake Naivasha
Boat safaris on Lake Naivasha are the most favorite attraction of the tourists who visit Kenya. Lake Naivasha is a designation that reflects the ecological importance of the wetlands around the lake. More than 450 distinct birdlife species have been identified and are filled with migratory birds from the month of October to March. This lake is the primary drinking water spot for all the animals. Just stroll around this beautiful lake and enjoy the sunset if you are cruising in the evening. 
Nairobi national park
Welcome to Kenya’s most accessible yet incompatible safari tour. Set on the city’s southern suburbs Nairobi National park has plentiful wildlife that can, in places, be viewed against a background of city’s skyscrapers and planes coming into land. The park is the home to the world’s densest concentration of black rhinos, but you will have to be a little patient and will need a lot of luck to spot the park’s resident cheetahs and leopards. But other regularly spotted species include gazelles, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and buffaloes. 
Breakfast with giraffes
Giraffe Manor is possessed by The Safari Collection and is select boutique lodging, set in 12 sections of land of private land inside 140 sections of land of indigenous woodland in the Langata town of Nairobi. As a prominent amongst Nairobi's most famous structures, Giraffe Manor has uncommon intrigue that looks back to the 1930s when European guests initially rushed to East Africa to appreciate safaris.
Tana River
Tana River Rafting is a 'pool/drop' stream where regions of quiet water, ideal for review the natural life enable you to pause in the wake of exploring stretches of class II to V white water. It gives a genuinely marvelous day of wilderness boating. Contingent upon water levels you'll pontoon 8-16km of waterway. The trek begins with 3km of simple class II and III white water, with a lot of chance to pick up training in the oar abilities required to run the lower some portion of the waterway. A more settled 6km segment pursues, and a serene hour or so wondering about the plentiful winged creature life. Here you can chill with a dip in the warm water.

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