KL Tower Mini Zoo

A petting zoo is situated next to tourist icon KL Tower and Bukit Nenas reserved forest in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city centre. It houses more than 60 species of exotics and tame animals. Visitors will have a memorable experience with close interaction with animals with a chance to feed, pet and learn more about a variety of Malaysian & international animals with those fascinating, beautiful and unique creatures available.

The KL Tower Mini Zoo divided into serval areas, including the Moonlight Shed, Mini Jungle, Pet Village, Birdy School, Jungle View, Happy Farm Village and Forest Walk. A wide range of exotic animals can be found here, ranging from massive python, cheeky squirrel monkeys to cuddly rabbits. Snap a memorable photo with the beautiful and colourful parrots. To fix in with the natural environment, it introduced two of the world's largest tortoises, albino long-tailed macaque, white crow, albino green iguana, the largest local softshell turtle, oldest alligator turtle, and other rare animals. The zoo is undoubtedly a perfect spot for everyone who would like to go near to nature. It also gives a platform for you to see the creatures directly rather than watching the two-dimension picture of animals from other resources. This is a nature-surrounded environment where everyone likes the atmosphere & can learn while having fun.

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