Best time to visit in Norway

It goes without saying that Norway is gorgeous all year long. If you visit this soulful destination in January you will be greeted with famous blue light of the polar nights, where the sun almost doesn’t rise at all during the day. February is the ski month in Norway as the snow is thick and you will have extra day light hours. During this period there are some unique cultural events taking place around the country from Ice Music festival to polar jazz festival. And it is also a great month for Northern Lights sightings. 

June is a joyful month, from late June to early August the weather is at its warmest and it never really seems to get dark something that Norwegians celebrate with bonfires by the sea. Prepare yourself for medieval music, theater performances and a lot of dancing with our International tour packages. Interestingly, everything looks festive in Norway during the month of December as it is merged with Christian traditions which give merry spirit to whole month. So, just join the high-spirits in Santa- Claus real village and explore this dream destination.  

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