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Singapore tourism is a significant industry and a major contributor to Singapore’s economy. Singapore attracts millions of international tourists. The city-state is environment friendly and manages natural and heritage preservation programs. Singapore also boasts one of the world’s lowest crime rates. Singapore’s transportation exhaustively covers most public venues in Singapore which makes commuting for tourists efficient. This includes the well-known Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system.

Best time to visit Singapore month by month
Start your year with a good start with many festivities in Singapore that takes place at the beginning of the year from ethnic celebrations to music festivals. Choose your Singapore tour package and experience exciting Singaporean festivals assuring a memorable holiday. Overall the best season to visit Singapore is between February and April. However, Singapore is mostly a year round destination. February to April falls in the dry season and experience less chances of rainfall in comparison to other months.

January is considered as the coolest month in Singapore but there is no requirement to pack woolens as the temperature rarely drops below 24 degrees Celsius. Sometimes it does rain during this period only not if the Northeast monsoon makes an early exit which rarely happens.

Events in January
• St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival:
It is a popular music festival organized for one day. It serves up famous indie acts from across the world at Gardens by the Bay. Performances like folk show and electronica are scheduled.
• Art Stage Singapore:
Art Stage Singapore is an art show organized for three days at Marina Bay Sands exhibiting some really exciting and talented contemporary artists from across Asia and the world. 

• Singapore Fringe Festival:
Singapore Fringe Festival is a festival of theater, music, dance and visual arts along with some mixed media created and performed by Singaporeans as well as international artists.

In February the average temperature goes up till 31 degrees Celsius, while the rain decreases bringing the Northeast monsoon to an end. This is when the Chinese New Year holiday takes place and many local markets and shops are shut for a week minimum. Although major shopping malls and tourist areas are kept open. Attraction related to entertainment are extremely busy in the phase.

Event in February
• Chinese New Year:
Chinese New Year is all about Dragon dances, parades and wishes. The city is full of Chinatown lights, especially the River Hongbao at Marina Bay. It features markets, local food stalls, performances and fireworks.

• Thaipusam:
Thaipusam is a dramatic festival when Hindus head from Sri SrinivasaPerumal Temple on Serangoon Rd to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple on Tank Rd carrying Kavadis which are actually heavy metal frames arranged with peacock feathers, fruits and flowers.

• Chingay:
Chingay festival is organized for 2 nights during the first weekend of Chinese New Year. This festival delivers the biggest street parade. It is a lively multicultural festival featuring lion dancers, floats and performers. You can buy a ticket to experience the festival in the viewing galleries, or you can be a part of the crowd at the roadside.

March is one of the sunniest months of Singapore. This is when the city-state has transformed from the Northeast monsoon season and the climate becomes less windy. March is one of the best months to visit Singapore.

Events in March
• Boutique Fairs
Boutiques Fairs are held in March as well as in November each year. This is when Singapore’s innovative side is on display showcasing everything from handmade jewelry, fashion and shoes to cosmetics, stationery and homeware.

• World Gourmet Summit:
World Gourmet Summit is a masterclass summit organized for 4 weeks loaded with mouth-watering dishes, workshops, lavish dinners and more. It is organized in the month of March and April.

Singapore is hot during the month of April. It is slightly windy and thunderstorms are quite common. The average high temperature is around 31 degrees Celsius. 

Events in April
• Affordable art fair:
It is a 3 day expo where more than 40 international and local galleries exhibit art priced between S$100 and S$15000. The event is also organized in the month of November.

• Singapore International Jazz Festival:
It is a three day festival showcasing Jazz talent from around the world. Some of the acts performed in the past are Jamie Cullum, India Arie and Natalie Cole.

May is the month leading to Summer season which brings smoke and haze that’s created from the clearing fires that burn in Sumatra.
Events in May
• Vesak Day:
Vesak day is celebrated to commemorate  Buddha’s birthday, knowledge and death with numerous events, including the release of caged birds to symbolize freedom. The main center of activities are the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Kong Meng San PhorKark See Monastery.

• Singapore International Festival of Arts:
Singapore International Festival of Arts is a world class offering of drama, film, dance, literary and visual art created by Gaurav Kripalani who was former artistic director at the Singapore Repertory Theater.

June is the beginning of the Southwest monsoon season. This is when you will get to experience showers and thunderstorms quite often somewhere around midday and pre-dawn. During this month Singapore may also experience some smoke haze. Apart from the rain hours June can be one of the hottest months on the calendar.

Events in June
• Great Singapore Sale: 
The Great Singapore Sale is loaded with retailers from around the island cut rates to make space for new lots. You can bargain efficiently if you manage sneaking around in the crowd. So try and go early!

• Dragon Boat Festival:
 This festival is celebrated to immortalize the death of a Chinese Scholar who drowned himself in protest opposing government corruption, and so boat races are organized at Bedok Reservoir.

• Hari Raya Puasa:
Hari Raya Puasa is also known as Hari Raya Aidilfirti. It celebrates the end of the Ramadan fasting month.

Weather in July will be hot, but slightly drier than other months on the calendar. Unexpected rains are common, and once the rain stops it will be hot and humid.

• Singapore Food Festival
Singapore Food Festival is a two-week festival of all eatable things along with Singaporean food. Events happening across the city include tastings, special dinners and food themed tours.

August is quite similar to July when it is hot and humid but slightly dry in comparison to other months. Flash thunderstorms are common and smoke and haze will be a problem.

• Singapore National Day:
Singapore National Day is widely known for military parades, civilian march, air-force fly-bys and firecrackers. Tickets are to be purchased in advance however you can witness aerial acts from Marina Bay Sands.

• Hungry Ghost Festival:
Hungry Ghost Festival is for the day when the souls of the dead are set free to walk the earth for entertainment and feast. The Chinese serve offerings of food on the street and light fires. During this festival Chinese Operas and other events are organized. Sometimes it does start in September.

• Beerfest Asia:
This festival is Asia’s biggest Beerfest pouring more than 600 types of drinks from both international brands and craft microbreweries. This festival includes DJ’s and live music

• Singapore Night Festival:
Singapore Night Festival is all about stunning light projections, interactive installations, performance art, cabaret, comedy and more. The festival is celebrated for over 2 weekends.

September is the end of the southwest rainy season. It will be hot and humid with less rain and some mist. In this month Formula One night race takes place so the hotel prices do increase especially in the colonial district when the event takes place.

• Formula One Grand Prix:
The F1 night race takes place around Marina Bay. Events taken place apart from the race include international music acts. You must book you stay months in advance.

• Mid-Autumn Festival:
Mid-Autumn Festival is popularly known as the Lantern Festival. Chinatown is decorated with lanterns and locals gobble on moon cakes. This event is celebrated on the full moon of the eighth lunar month.

• Navarathiri
This festival is dedicated to the wives of Siva, Brahma and Vishnu. It is a Hindu festival of 9 nights featuring traditional Indian dancing. The main activity centers are Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple and Sri SrinivasaPerumal Temple.

October is when cool breeze helps reduce the summer heat even though the temperature remains 31 degrees Celsius. Storms do take place with sudden downpour which don’t really last long.

Event in October

• Diwali:
Diwali is an Indian festival. It is also known as the “Festival of Lights”. It is celebrated for Lord Ram’s victory over the demon King Ravana. Little India is sparkling with lights for a month, converting in a big street party on the evening of the holiday.

• Thimithi:
Thimithi festival is a Hindu festival where Hindus devotees walk on burning coals to prove their faith at the Sri Mariamman Temple. 

November is very similar to the month of October weather-wise. November faces per-Northeast Monsoon season. This is when afternoon and evening showers are possible which is usually sudden and heavy lasting for some time only.

• Singapore International Festival:
The Singapore International Festival is celebrated for 11 days and art house movies from across the world participate. In addition master classes and fringe events are organized as well.

The month of December is the start of the Northeast Monsoon season. In this month, the weather is the coolest. Though the temperature is a couple of degrees lower than usual. It does not rain in December.

Events in December
• ZoukOut 
ZoukOut is Singapore’s largest outdoor dance party. It is organized for 2 nights on Siloso Beach at Sentosa. Here you will get to witness A-list international DJ’s. 

• Christmas:
Commercial aspects of Christmas are embraced in Singapore with a stunning display along Orchard Road beginning in late November. Christmas fair is organized at Garden by the Bay throughout December.

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