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Introducing Slovenia

Slovenia is a paradise of snow-capped peaks, turquoise green rivers and Venetian Style coastline. It was named as the 10 best countries in Europe and is formed of the world’s most beautiful lakes but what makes it even more special is the tiny, tear shaped island towards the western side of the lake. And it is also called as one of the world’s environmental friendly nation which is based on the policies of 180 nations. Moreover, Slovenia is the first and foremost outdoor destination as local people favor active holidays and you will be invited and even expected to join in. Explore it with our Slovenia holiday packages from Mumbai. 

Must know facts

Best time to visit
Slovenia has its own charm no matter what time you visit it will always treat you with its stunning views and different seasons which has their own attractions. July and October can be over crowded bu...
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History & culture
Welcome to the nation which until the point that 1918 was not on maps, was not a managerial entity, and was not in history. Communicative Slovenia implies the "Place that is known for Slavs," and it f...
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Over 40% of Slovenia is mountains, as the Alps reach out over the northern piece of the nation. The nation's most amazing point is Triglav, which rests in the Alps, and crests at 9,396 ft (2,864 m). T...
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