History & Culture in South Korea

Civilization on the Korean landmass can be gone back to 4,000 BC when the area was initially comprised of clans. Throughout the years, these individuals united together to frame kingdoms, and Korean history, like the Chinese, is defied down into the norm of these kingdoms.

The first was the Silla, which dates from 668 to 935 AD, trailed by the Goryeo (918 to 1392). Amid this period, Korea was attacked by China and the Mongols. This occasion was trailed by the Joseon time frame (1392 to 1910), when the capital of the nation was moved to Seoul in 1394 and the current hangul Korean letter set was presented in 1443. Preceding this, Koreans were utilizing the Chinese composition framework.

The Korean culture is energetic in shading and saturated with history. Sanctuaries and royal residences, for example, the Gyeongbok Palace, and customary dresses like the formal hanbok, exhibit old conventions which you can see at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul. Changdeokgung Palace is likewise an extraordinary place to see the building legacy of Korea. Experience the Korean culture with our International tour packages.

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