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Dewatagaha Mosque

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Dewatagaha Mosque

The Dewatagaha mosque is one of the more prominent mosques in Colombo-its lovely exterior is almost an iconic part of architecture near Town hall. It is also partially a shrine for the saints from the 19th century, Muslims and non- Muslims also visit to pay the respect. This sacred resting place of a great saint, the mosque is revered by people of all denominations. This renowned mosque of Colombo, the Dewatagaha Mosque holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. It is beautiful to look at- huge and white much like the ones in Galle and Beruwela which were set up around the same era. It is somehow patronized by the people of all faiths, as it is the oldest mosque in Sri Lanka. People here pray and it is believed that wishes do come true. Make a wish!


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