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Things To Do In Sweden

The mere mention of Sweden says all about the beautiful streets, delightful cuisines and lot more will indeed make your trip amazing. The Northern light is something that you cannot miss out. Explore this hidden beauty, and unspoiled destination with our Sweden Holiday Packages. 
As kids, a number of us dreamt of living in igloos and getting a taste of the authentic Eskimo life. Thanks to the immense development of tourism industry at an international level, now is the time when your Eskimo dream can come true. If you wish to do so, all you got to do is book yourself a stay at the Ice hotel situated in the land of Sweden. This hotel offers an amalgamation of modern amenities along with livable ice structures. It consists of permanent buildings and also seasonal ice structures. Icehotel is precisely located 200 kms away from the Arctic Circle, which automatically ensures that you will get the best winter experience ever possible.
There is no better way to forget your troubles in life than a great adrenaline rush. And after all, the entire purpose behind setting off on a holiday is also the same. We understand the importance of a good break and due to this, we suggest you include the Liseberg Theme Park in your travel itinerary to Sweden. This amusement park situated in Gothenburg was opened in the year of 1923. Since then, it has attained the reputation of being the most visited amusement park in all of Scandinavia by attracting nearly three million visitors every year.
"AURORA BOREALIS" is visible to the tourists of Sweden right from the beginning of September till the end of March over Swedish Lapland. This phenomenon is knows as NORTHERN LIGHTS and the best place to watch it is the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park. For those who are new to this term, Northern lights are the lights which emerges when energetically charged particles collide with atoms in high altitude atmospheres, and this solar wind is directed into the atmosphere by the Earth's magnetic field. Sweden Lapland provided spectacular places from where one can see these unique lights.
Not everyone has ever heard about "the world’s longest art gallery” and the location as to where is it located. You might be awestruck to know that it's located in The Stockholm subway system which is an intrinsic network of 110 km tunnel system decorated with paintings, installations, mosaics and sculptures by 150 artists since the 1950s. Around 100 of stations beneath Stockholm's land provide us with an exciting thrill of traveling through an exciting story that extends from the artistic pioneers of the 1950s to the art experiments of today. Some of the most famous subway stations are Arsenalsgatan, exit of Kungsträdgården station (blue line) where you will see an archaeological dig consisting of ancient columns and details, Solna Centrum station which is famous for its cavernous, bright red ceiling that seems to 'weigh down' on the platform and so on. All the subway stations are unique in their own way. This piece of art is so unique that it's worth a visit for all kind of people and there is no one who would return unsatisfied after paying a visit to these artistic subway channel of Stockholm's which is one of its kind on this earth!
Ever experienced the presence of sun at midnight? The midnight sun is a phenomenon in arctic near the north and South Pole where the sunlight is experienced for 24 hours. It's the visible in the Sweden Lapland from end may till mid July. The number is such days would increase the nearer you go to the North Pole. Abisko which is the northern most part of Sweden and most near to the North Pole serves as the best place to visit this midnight sun with greater number of such days. This place is worth a visit where you might be experiencing sun in the midnight where in all the earth parts of the earth people would be busy sleeping under the moon.
Sweden is not just about "northern lights" or "midnight sun" it's much more than that, ever heard about Swedish fika? Swedish fika is a part of everyday life for people in Sweden. Fika is a moment where you take a break from everything, often with a cup of coffee or alternatively with tea. Fika is all about slowing down in life and taking a break from everything. In Swedish office there are two Fika breaks in a day where one can take a break and enjoy the moment with friends or alone and relish the moment. In today's hectic world, Swedish Fika is something to look forward to find an excuse to slow down in life, where everything else stops and you can savor the moment.
There are too many museums all around the world, but the Vasa musuem is unique in that regards. It is located on the island of Djurgården. The character of this museum which makes it unique from others is that, it is a maritime museum which displays the only almost fully intact 17th century, 64-gun warhsip Vasa that sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage from Stockholm. It was salvaged almost after 333 years from the sea bed. Today it is the world's best preserved warship and this makes the Vasa museum most visited museum in Scandinavia.

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