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Geography Of United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) encounters two unique seasons. Between the long periods of June, July and August, the climate can be relatively awful because of taking off temperatures upwards of 122°F, despite the fact that the normal is around 104°F. Despite the fact that just a little measure of rain falls on the UAE, the late spring encounters an extremely moist atmosphere.
The cooler months, which keep running from October through March, are considerably more delightful with temperatures drifting around 85°F. The skies stay radiant all through the season and voyagers will locate the climate to a great degree agreeable. 
The majority of the precipitation, which is just around five creeps by and large, descends in short blasts of substantial deluge during pre-fall. The good countries can see up to 13 inches and the urban areas and towns are inclined to flooding during these occasions. Fierce residue tempests can likewise be an issue. Voyagers are encouraged to remain inside when one is drawing nearer, as they can seriously influence deceivability and lead to medical issues.


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