Indulge In Shopping At Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market being one of the most famous markets of Goa attracts locals and travelers alike and also the best shopping place in Goa. People from all corners of the world come and shop here and it is a must explore on Goa Trip. The market has live performances by bands that play from a variety of music ranging from rock to jazz. It is indeed a paradise for all shopping lovers. The market is a nice mix of Hippies and Indian stalls. You can buy quirky jewelry items, ethnic clothing, and a lot more. The historical backdrop of Anjuna Flea advertises goes back to antiquated occasions where this bazaar began in the 1960s as a manner for explorers to trade their goods. During the initial days’ locals used to call it an “Open-air goods exchange”. And the market also offers you a wide range of cuisines including Indian, and Indo-Chinese and one of the unmissable tourist attractions in Goa. Location: Anjuna Flea Markets.

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