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Dubai – one of the most popular countries for Indian tourists, is a great place to go on vacation. Its desert adventures, lavish hotels, extravagant malls, and iconic skyscrapers create a unique charm. Flamingo Travels, your trusted travel partner, creates the best Dubai tour packages tailored to perfection. At Flamingo Travels – we are aware of the essence of a holiday in Dubai. From the splendor of Dubai Mall to the awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa, we create travel experiences that capture the grandeur of Dubai. Explore the bustling souks and exciting desert safaris, and have fun with many entertainment options in Dubai. No matter which city you are based in, our expert tour planners offer a hassle-free travel experience to Dubai. Our Dubai tour packages from Mumbai and other cities offer exclusive experiences like visits to the Dubai Creek and Palm Jumeirah.

We take pride in offering a personalized approach to all our tours. Our Dubai packages from Ahmedabad ensure every detail, from flights, visas, stay, sightseeing, and experiences. If you like traveling in groups and Indian food, inclusive of a tour guide – then our group tours are ideal for you. But, if you wish to have customized tour inclusions, then our tours are the best fit. We offer the most competitive Dubai tour packages price from India. Experience Dubai with Flamingo Travels – where your dream becomes a reality.  

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Dubai Tour Packages



Discover Dubai

5 Nights / 6 Days

β‚Ή 36,440 Onwards

Dubai Senior Citizen Special Tour

5 Nights / 6 Days

β‚Ή 56,140 Onwards

Dubai Kids Special Tour

5 Nights / 6 Days

β‚Ή 60,080

Dubai Expo 2021 Special

6 Nights / 7 Days

β‚Ή 84,960 Onwards

Dubai Bonanza Tour

6 Nights / 7 Days

β‚Ή 65,000 Onwards

How to reach Dubai

Your trip to Dubai begins with a hassle-free experience with our Dubai tour packages with flights. We offer tour packages that include all the essentials of traveling to Dubai. The most obvious way to reach Dubai from India is by air. We offer numerous flight options to Dubai International Airport and other airports in the UAE at affordable cost. Avail of direct flight connections from Indian cities to Dubai. Some popular airlines connecting both these countries are Emirates, Air India, Indigo, Spicejet, and more. Book Dubai flight tickets with Flamingo Travels to avail the best travel deals. 

Get your Dubai Visa with Flamingo Travels

Like any other international holiday, traveling to Dubai will need a Dubai Visa for Indians. Amongst all the beautiful parts of planning your Dubai trip, one of the most intricate parts is to avail of your UAE tourist visa. Do not worry about tedious paperwork, cost,  embassy rules and regulations, and the entire process around it. Visa consultants at Flamingo Travels will make it much simpler for you. Leave these formalities to us and focus on the best part of your Dubai trip.

Places to visit in Dubai Tour

Be prepared to have an unforgettable time in Dubai. From ancient sites to glittering skyscrapers, Dubai Tourism ensures diverse experiences. Whether you wish to explore the desert, have fun at theme parks, or click pictures at the best photo stops in Dubai, there is always something extraordinary to discover in Dubai. There are numerous places to visit in Dubai that offer a classic blend of innovation and tradition. 

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa – a globally renowned tallest structure, is an engineering feat. It represents the soul and heart of Dubai. A visit to Burj Khalifa is often a must-visit place in Dubai tour packages from India. The observation decks at the 124th and 148th levels offer the most stunning panoramic views of the city. These decks offer a stunning view of the city from a unique perspective. The Burj Khalifa holds many world records like the tallest free-standing structure, highest outdoor observation deck, tallest service elevator, etc. The tower features two observation decks, four pools, health and wellness facilities, lounges, Armani Residences, and Armani Hotels. There are a plethora of activities to enjoy in and around Burj Khalifa.

Ferrari World

Do not miss adding Ferrari World to your Dubai packages for family from India. Especially, if you are a thrill seeker, the excitement of this indoor theme park is an experience not to be missed. Get that adrenaline rush by riding on the fastest rollercoaster ride – Formula Rossa. Take it a level up by riding on the tallest rollercoaster loop – the Flying Aces. Along with the thrilling rides, you can also explore the galleries showcasing the Ferrari memorabilia. A visit to Ferrari World is a must in your Dubai travel packages to experience the ultimate theme park adventures. 

Dubai Frame

Set in the Zabeel Park – the Dubai Frame is the largest frame structure in the world.  Standing tall at 150 meters, this gigantic frame structure displays the rapid growth of Dubai. Soar over the new and old Dubai at this enchanting location. It offers incredible panoramic views of the ancient architecture beside the modern skyscrapers on either side. It offers unique perspectives of the past and present Dubai. The famous glass sky deck is a must to explore. Other attractions include old and new Dubai galleries featuring multimedia displays. Dubai Frame is an experience not to be missed with your Dubai holiday packages.

The Palm Island

Dubai is not just famous for its skyscrapers. They are not just the only engineering marvel of Dubai. Palm Jumeirah – artificial archipelagos is in the shape of a palm tree. Discover the splendor of these artificial palm-tree-shaped islands with their luxurious villas, hotels, beaches, restaurants, and amusement parks during your Dubai trip. Explore the island on a scenic monorail ride or have a birds-eye view of Palm Island by seaplane. The Palm Islands redefine luxury, making them a must-visit place for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. Discover the epitome of extravagance with our exclusive Luxury Dubai Tour Packages.

Mall of the Emirates

While planning your trip to Dubai, keep aside some time for shopping at the famous Mall of the Emirates. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, featuring a movie theater, indoor ski slopes, more than 100 restaurants, 650 stores, and more. Shop at designer stores and luxury outlets, and if you get tired of shopping, refuel yourself at the various food outlets in the mall. The Mall of the Emirates is the best spot for total entertainment with your Dubai packages for a family. 

Dubai Safari Park

Amidst all the highlights of Dubai – Dubai Safari Park is an immersive open-air zoo. This one is a must-visit for all animal lovers. The park features more than a thousand animals from across the globe. The zoo has sections known as Villages. You can explore the park by cycling on the designated bike tracks or riding on luxury vehicles for guided safaris. Experience animal feedings and watch educational shows. With its focus on wildlife conservation and Arabian architecture, Dubai Safari Park is a complete family entertainment spot. Explore exciting habitats and meet unique animals at Dubai Safari Park, all included in our budget-friendly Dubai tour package price.

Dubai Aquarium 

Visit Dubai Aquarium to explore the most stunning and largest aquariums in the world. Check out the gigantic tank featuring thousands of marine life. Dubai Aquarium is at the base level of the Dubai Mall. Enjoy numerous activities like swimming with the sharks, having a mermaid makeover, taking a glass-bottom boat tour, having fun in the snorkeling cage, and strolling through the long tunnel. Do not miss the VR section to enjoy the virtual experience. It is a complete unique and fun experience to enjoy with your Dubai holiday packages. 

Dubai Mall

Visit the Dubai Mall while exploring with your Dubai travel packages. Apart from being the access point for the Dubai Aquarium and the Burj Khalifa – the Dubai Mall has a lot to offer. The mall features more than a thousand stores offering unlimited shopping options. You can also explore and enjoy the gaming area, an ice rink, a movie theater, and tons of dining options. 

Things to do in Dubai Trip

With its exciting theme parks, massive shopping malls, and futuristic skyscrapers, there are endless things to do in Dubai. Adventure seekers can opt for water parks, desert safaris, and dune bashing. Explore the Emirati heritage at traditional souks and cultural sites. Whether you seek outdoor adventure, family fun, or retail therapy, Dubai Tourism offers a diverse range of activities with Dubai holiday packages at the best price. 

Immerse yourself in an adventure at Wild Wadi.

If you want adventure during your Dubai family tour packages – visit the Wild Wadi Waterpark. The park is in front of the famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. This extensive water park features many attractions and thrilling rides for all ages. Get drenched in white water rapids, ride the spine-chilling slide, float on the river, and more. With numerous dining options, mini amusement parks for kids, and stunning views, Wild Wadi Waterpark offers a fantastic aquatic adventure for the entire family during their trip to Dubai. 

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Another adventure activity, to not miss while in Dubai is the hot air balloon tour. See Dubai from a different perspective. Take a journey that will leave you mesmerizing. You will float over camel farms, shining dunes, and lavish mansions. You can pick from a variety of flight packages of your choice. The sunrise tour is the most popular among other options. You can enjoy a family outing or romantic rendezvous with this ride. This activity is a great add-on to your customized Dubai holiday packages. Discover Dubai from new heights on this memorable trip. 

Experience Bollywood Magic in Dubai

Explore the beautiful Bollywood Theme Park in Dubai. The park features shows, a museum, a film studio tour, and thrilling rides based on Bollywood movies. It also includes a Bollywood-themed shopping area and restaurants. It has different zones with unique rides and attractions based on a Bollywood theme. You can easily spend a day in the park. The entertainment schedule at the park keeps on changing, find all about it with our tour experts. If you love Indian films, do not miss this park in Dubai. 

Have a great time on the Dubai Desert Safari.

The highlight of your Dubai tour packages is an exciting desert safari. To experience it, board a 4x4 vehicle and hold on as expert drivers will ride on the dunes. You can stop and click pictures of the magical landscape and try quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, and dune bashing. After the drive, you will experience the Emirati culture while having a traditional Bedouin-style dinner and folk dance at the campsite. Experience an Arabic night vibe with this activity in Dubai. 

Experience a thrilling skydive above Palm Jumeirah.

The premier skydiving place in Dubai is the Skydive Palm Dropzone. Experience an adrenaline rush to skydive at the beautiful location of Palm Jumeirah. Skydive from ten thousand feet in the sky and check out the unparalleled aerial views of Palm Jumeirah Island, Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab, and more. Remember, this activity depends on the weather. The entire experience would take around three hours. Skydiving is a thrilling way to see the beautiful man-made islands. Elevate your Dubai experience to new heights with our specially curated Dubai Packages from India.

Witness the World’s Largest Dancing Fountain

Set in downtown Dubai on Burj Lake – Dubai Fountain is one of the tallest and leading fountains in the world. The 900-feet-long fountain performs numerous melodious songs. The design of the fountain includes five circles of different sizes. The powerful nozzles of the fountain shoot gallons of water to impressive heights. More than 6600 lights and 25 color projectors create over 1000 unique water effects at the Dubai Fountain. Witness the dancing fountains via a boat ride on Burj Lake or stroll on the broad walk. This experience is also perfect for couples looking to add a magic touch to their Dubai holidays. Enhance your romantic trip with our tailored Dubai packages for couple.

Best time to visit Dubai

Planning your trip to Dubai mostly depends on the best time to visit Dubai. Most of our Dubai tour packages are created considering the weather in Dubai. Summer features good deals on hotels but with scorching temperatures. Whereas, winter is expensive comparatively as the weather is pleasant, perfect for activities and sightseeing. Analyze your priorities, whether you wish to have a good deal, fewer tourists, or you wish to enjoy the best weather, to explore Dubai to the fullest. 

Summer Season

The summer season in Dubai is extremely humid and hot. The city faces heat floods throughout the day. The temperatures range around 40’s and can even shoot up to 50 degrees Celsius. Most festivals and outdoor activities are restricted. Although the outdoors will be unbearable, the malls and other interior attractions are chilled, so that tourists can be comfortable and enjoy the activities. Due to the extreme heat, this is generally the off-peak season, with fewer tourists. It is also the best time to avail good deals and discounts on hotels and other attractions. 

Winter Season

The winter season in Dubai is from November to March. This is the peak season, featuring bright sunshine, clear skies, and slightly cool evenings. The temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. The weather in winter is just perfect for exploring the outdoor fun in Dubai. You can lounge on the beach, go on a desert safari, visit theme parks, and more. There are many festivals and events during this season. Winter is also famous for its Dubai shopping festival, wherein you can avail products at jaw-dropping discounts. Airfares and hotel fares are at an all-time high, thus, book your Dubai trip early enough to avoid disappointment. 

Monsoon Season

While there is no precise monsoon season in Dubai, it does experience a few showers during the summer months. Occasional winds and increased humidity from June to September result in mild monsoon. Though the intensity of monsoon is less compared to Asian countries, locals welcome the rains as they offer temporary relief from scorching temperatures. 

Honeymoon in Dubai

With its exciting attractions and luxury experiences, Dubai is the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon getaway. A honeymoon in Dubai is a dream for most newlyweds. This dream is fulfilled by Flamingo Travels with Dubai Tour Packages for Couple from Ahmedabad. Indulge in spas; go for romantic desert dinners, private yacht rides, hot air balloon rides, and more. Sipping cocktails, skydiving, dune buggy rides, and endless shopping are just a few activities to enjoy your honeymoon. With our customized Dubai tour packages for couples, we offer a tailor-made travel experience to celebrate your love. 

Food to eat in Dubai

Food in Dubai is not as famous as other attractions of Dubai. Dubai is renowned for its skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle, shopping, and much more. But food has taken a backseat in all this. For the last few years, tourists have been keen to explore the street food in Dubai and try the local delicacies. The popular ones are Kebabs, Hummus, Luqaimat, Shawarma, Khubz, and Biryani.

List of Indian restaurants in Dubai:
  • Rang Mahal
  • Bombay Brasserie
  • Punjab Grill
  • Tandoor Tina
  • Roobaru
  • The Cinnamon Club
  • Hitchki
  • Pincode
  • Mohalla
  • Mumbai Express

Enjoy Shopping in Dubai

One of the primary attractions of Dubai tour packages is shopping. Tourists look forward to shopping in Dubai. One of the highlights of traveling to Dubai is the Dubai Shopping Festival. Take advantage of non-stop entertainment, lucrative discounts and deals, and mega sales at this festival. With traditional souks, alfresco shopping areas, shopping malls, from budget to luxury shopping, you will find all that you want and more. With numerous retail stores and seasonal sales around the year, it is always the best time to shop in Dubai

List of items you can buy in Dubai
  • Arabian dates
  • Gold jewelry
  • Oudh
  • Persian Carpets and Rugs
  • Arabian Coffee pots and coffee
  • Electronic items
  • Arabic Attars
  • Spices
  • Lanterns and Lamps
  • Handmade crafts

Best Places to Stay in Dubai

From ultimate luxury to pocket-friendly – you will find an enormous range of the best hotels in Dubai. You can choose from options like Armani, Atlantis – the Palm, heritage hotels, family-friendly resorts with water parks, and more. With options ranging from authentic Arabian Desert resorts in Dubai to Italian-designed towers, the options are plenty. 

Some popular hotels and resorts in Dubai are 
  • Atlantis the Palm
  • Ramada By Wyndham Downtown Dubai
  • Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa
  • Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai
  • Four Points By Sheraton Bur Dubai
  • Ascot Hotel
  • Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • Melia Desert Palm Dubai
  • Shangri-La Dubai 
  • Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Experience the nightlife of Dubai

Next in line to Food is the nightlife of Dubai. Amongst all the major attractions in Dubai – do not miss to explore Dubai after the sun sets. The city of Dubai lights up when the scorching sun goes down. You may be surprised that a city with so many restrictions has one of the best nightlife to enjoy. Nightclubs and bars in Dubai are legal and offer a safe environment for a wild experience. The clubbing scene in Dubai starts on Thursday since the weekend here is on Friday and Saturday. 

Some popular places to experience nightlife in Dubai are 
  • Boudoir
  • Catwalk
  • Bar 44
  • Stereo Arcade
  • Barasti
  • At.mosphere
  • JBR The Walk
  • Buhayra lounge
  • Dhow cruise
  • Dubai Marina

Dubai Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

Explore the heart of Dubai Tourism with our exclusive group and individual tour packages for Dubai. What sets us apart from others is that we serve Indian food with our Dubai group tour packages. Travel Consultants at Flamingo Travels create the best tour itineraries at the best price for an extraordinary Dubai experience. From Dubai Frame to the iconic Burj Khalifa to Dubai Shopping Festival, our packages cover all the must-see places. Cruise through the waters of Palm Jumeirah, go frenzy at the Dubai Shopping Festival and have fun with the thrilling desert safaris. Dubai is a complete entertainer, and we help you to create just the right fit Dubai tour package price for you. We offer a range of tour packages to match your dreams. Choose from our Dubai honeymoon packages, Dubai family tour packages, Dubai group and customized tour packages. Flamingo Travels ensures that your Dubai trip is filled with comfort, joy, and lots of fun. Whether you are looking for a Dubai tour package from Surat, Pune, Bangalore, or any other Indian city, reach out to us. Book your Dubai adventure now with us, and let the magic unfold. 
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