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From the architectural beauty of the Royal Opera House to the exciting exhibits at the National Museum, Oman is a treasure trove of cultural gems. Oman is renowned for its rich history, abundant nature, and warm Arabian hospitality. Oman tour packages offer unforgettable adventures, endless exploration, and many places to relax. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Oman.


Oman, the oldest independent country in the Arab World, has changed with the times but still holds onto its culture and history. It's a top spot for travellers who want a real Arabian adventure. It is a desert paradise surrounded by mountains, uncrowded and peaceful, with warm waters, white sand beaches, and five-star hotels. Explore this mystical country with our Oman travel packages from Ahmedabad

Popular Oman Tour Packages By Flamingo Travels

Package Name



Scenic Oman

5 Nights
/ 6 Days

₹ 1,03,080

Discover Oman

4 Nights
/ 5 Days

₹ 66,530

Adventure Special Oman

6 Nights
/ 7 Days

₹ 1,05,660

Magnificent Oman

6 Nights
/ 7 Days

₹ 1,13,950

How to reach Oman?

Travel to Oman by air. The most popular and best option is to take a flight to the capital city of Oman - Muscat from major Indian cities. Among the major carriers that fly this route are Oman Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and more. The approximate time taken by a flight from India to Muscat is approximately 4 to 5 hours, although this varies on the airlines. The Salalah International Airport and Muscat International Airport are the most popular airports in Oman.

Best time to visit Oman 

The best time to book your Oman holiday packages is during the winter season in Oman. October to March are the ideal months to explore Oman. The summer season in Oman can be sweltering hot. So, winter is the best time to explore the country. The weather is just apt to enjoy on the beach or go hiking. The season is ideal for camping under the sky in the Wahiba Sands and trekking in the desert. 

Oman Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

Visit charming villages like Misfat Al Abriyeen, nestled in the mountains. Experience Omani hospitality at a camping site under the stars. Try delicious local dishes like Shuwa and experience traditional Oman. From the souks of Muscat to the beaches in Salalah, Flamingo Travels shows you the best of Oman. Our all-inclusive tours make your trip easy and memorable.

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