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About Jordan and Israel
Jordan and Israel Tour Packages - Book your Jordan and Israel tours with Flamingo Transworld. Get the tailor made International Tour deals on Jordan and Israel Holidays which will make your vacation unforgettable.

Jordan and Israel are fascinating destinations loaded with history, still being stable and peaceful even after the ongoing conflicts of neighboring places Syria and Israel. Jordan and Israel tour package are famous tourist attractions in Middle East, boasting unique natural wonders, untouched desert landscapes, archeological sites, beautiful beaches and variety if experiences. Major attractions of Jordan and Israel tour are Mt. Nebo, Wadi Rum, Petra, Allenby Bridge, roman city of Jerash and much more.

Popular Jordan and Israel Tour Packages

Package Name



Highlights of Jordan

7 Nights
/ 8 Days

₹ 56,530

Adventures of Wadi Rum

7 Nights
/ 8 Days

₹ 56,530


Israel Tour

7 Nights
/ 8 Days


Flamingo Transworld offers Jordan and Israel holiday packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and other major cities of India. We try our best to serve our customers with utmost comfort through our communication and network of offices around the nation. Most of our team members have already been to the destination and that will surely add value to your holiday. Our strong suit is we serve vegetarian & Jain food on all our group tours. So hurry up, and plan your Jordan and Israel holiday trip with us so that you can create fresh and warm memories to cherish, while we take care of the rest!


Frequently asked questions about Jordan Israel Tour Packages

What are the different modes of transportation provided to passengers on tour?
At the time of booking, passengers are given different options to choose their mode of transportation like:

In Private Transfer you can also choose to do sightseeing by private vehicle which will be available from one point to another. The private vehicle will be pre-booked on a pre-decided route and timings decided in advance as well.  

Vehicle at disposal means that a car will be with you throughout the travel trip for which timings and kilometers will be decided in advance. If you use the car outside the travel package distance or time limit then it may not be possible or it will charged additionally. Vehicle at disposal offers more flexibility and control over the itinerary. Also private van tours include a coach at service.

SIC (Seat in coach basis) SIC coach transfers depart only at fixed times and stop at different hotels enroute where other passengers may be picked up or dropped off which mean it time consuming. You will be traveling with other passengers and passengers of different nationalities which offers a good chance to interact with people from different parts of the world. Before joining the tour you need to exchange tour vouchers for your original tickets from the concerned office. Many time the tour starting point is not from the hotel so then you need to reach the departure point from your hotel at your own expense.
What is the best time to book?


What is the best time to book?

USA and Canada

Book your tour at least 3 months before the travel date

Southeast Asia

Book your tour at least 1 month before the travel date


Book your tour at least 1 month before the travel date

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date


Book your tour at least 1 months before the travel date

China and Japan

Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date


Book your tour at least 2 months before the travel date

What is the difference between group tours and individual tours?
Group tours consist of certain number of people touring together to a destination. Group tours can be a great way to know new people and explore well planned itinerary covering the best places. No changes will be possible in your group tour itinerary. In each destination the group consists of approximately 40 to 55 members.

Individual tours are tailor made tours designed and arranged just for you. You have a liberty to choose your own hotels, and attractions as per your taste.
What is the procedure to obtain visa to visit the said destination?
Visa is an official permit that helps you enter a foreign country and stay there for a specific period of time. Flamingo does serve visa service. Talk to our travel consultant for visa process details for which you will have to submit certain documents.
What kind of food is offered to travelers on tour?
Meals which will be provided on tour will be mentioned in your tour itinerary. Usually meal menu contains of Indian vegetarian food, Jain food (no onion, no garlic, no potato), local vegetarian food, if requested Indian non-vegetarian food and local non-vegetarian food.

Jordan and Israel Tour Guide

Jordan is the nation located in the heart of Middle East surrounded by countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq. Even after the ongoing conflicts between these countries Jordan has stable and peaceful environment. Whereas Israel offers its visitors a great variety of experiences. Jordan and Israel tour packages offer a chance to explore ancient cities, secluded deserts, granite cliffs, beautiful beaches, fascinating history, natural landscapes and more.

Here is a list of attractions you must visit on your Jordan and Israel tour

1 - Petra: Surrounded by Jordan’s rugged mountains Petra is secluded in a valley and was left deserted and hidden from the world years ago. This attraction allows you to tour the ancient archaeological park.Explore all of it with our Jordan tour package.

2 - Amman: The capital city of Jordan, Amman is the largest city, cultural hub and the center of trade. A striking feature of Amman is how it is delicately struck between the old and new. The destination offers lots of Roman ruins including the Roman Amphitheater and Nymphaeum. Explore Amman with our Jordan tours.

3 - Dead Sea: Dead Sea straddling between the border of Jordan and Israel is the lowest point on the earth’s surface and is a fascinating phenomenon. It has a number of historic and religious ties. The water is full of minerals and the high salinity makes it easy to fload on back. So when are you heading to relax at the Dead Sea with our Jordan and Israel packages.

4 - Jerusalem: Considered as world’s holiest cities Jerusalem is home to important spiritual site of three major religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It has one of the world’s most recognizable skylines due to the golden helmet of the Dome of the Rock. Discover all the stories of Jerusalem with our Israel tour package.

5 - Wadi Rum: Wadi Rum in the south of Jordan is all about incredible landscape, ancient riverbeds, pastel colored stretches and rock formations. This attraction possesses untouched beauty forged by millions of year’s geological erosion and evolution. Explore its breathtaking scenery with our Jordan holiday package.

Book your Jordan and Israel Holiday Package and add the unforgettable memories to your picture album. For tour package related any queries or questions, reach us at: / +91 9825081806

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