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About Iceland
It is a European country located midway between North America and mainland Europe. Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. Some people call it a place where fire and ice co-exist. And Iceland is a country where insular existence has influenced a rich and vibrant culture.  Located in the North- Atlantic ocean close by the Arctic Circle, Iceland serves as a link between continents. It takes approximately five hours to fly from New York to Reykjavik and approximately three hours from London. Icelandic culture has been formed by isolation and the extraordinary powers of nature. These conditions made people to have more flexibility where family ties are close, the feeling of custom is solid, and the bond with nature is tight.  Flamingo Transworld provides a variety of tour packages from family tours to guided Iceland tour packages.

Flamingo Transworld serves you with a wide range of hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants, and some world-class activities. Iceland is Isolated from the rest of Europe, the destination features a unique cultural heritage of literature, music and cuisine that anyone would find fascinating. Explore the dynamic and exceptionally beautiful volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, ice fields, glaciers and fjords. The destination offers you with a travel experience unlike any other place on earth like the Northern Lights in the winter and the midnight sun in summer. Take off to this destination full of wonders and surprises. You can choose some basic home-stay with Flamingo Transworld as accommodation as we have the right Iceland holiday packages for you to select from. You can also check our Iceland hotels on Flamingo’s Hotel Portal which offers a wide range of options for you to select from.

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Popular Iceland Tour Packages

Iceland Tour Packages



Scenic Iceland - SIC

7 Nights
/ 8 Days

₹ 73,440

Scenic Iceland - Self Drive

11 Nights
/ 12 Days

₹1,11,120 Onwards

How to reach Iceland
Traveling to Iceland by Air
The best way to reach all the way up north to Iceland is by air. Even though the country isn’t a part of the European Union, it is a member of the Schengen Agreement, which is the visa you’ll require to enter. Once you have that sorted, it’s all about choosing the most convenient airline and route available so that you can make the long journey to Iceland in the most comfortable way possible.

Most international flights to Iceland arrive at the Keflavik International Airport located about 40 km away from the capital city of Reykjavík. There aren’t any direct flights from India, but connecting flights from many European cities are offered by a host of airlines, including Iceland Air, Easy Jet, Etihad, Emirates, Lufthansa, Air India, Turkish Airlines, Finn Air and British Airways. These flights can sell out quickly, especially during peak travel season, so it is best to check for availability and book in advance. Upon arrival, there are shuttle bus services that can be availed to reach the Reykjavík Bus Terminal, as well as public buses and taxis for hire.

Travelling to Iceland by Sea
The best way to reach Iceland is by ferry through the vast North Atlantic Ocean. The boat runs throughout the year, departing from Denmark and sailing for two nights before arriving at Seyðisfjörður on the east coast of Iceland, via Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.

The boats, operated by Smyril Line, provides spacious living cabins, an incredible open-air deck, gourmet food and drink, a host of services including fitness facilities, a shopping arcade, and cinema. This is definitely worth the experience for those who land in Denmark before proceeding to Iceland.

It offers two days of leisure, two destinations to see and infinite breathtaking panoramic views of the changing horizon along the way. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to spot whales in the wild waters too!

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Places to visit in Iceland
Iceland is rugged and beautiful. A perfect destination boasting some of the most amazing attractions. Here are some Places to visit in Iceland to wake up all your senses.

Reykjavík City Tour with the Blue Lagoon
Reykjavík is so much beyond a destination; it’s a place which has thrilling possibilities, encircled by incredible landscapes, where innumerable adventures beckon and a host of natural wonders lie ahead. Reykjavik is untainted, clean and vivacious – creating just the right settings for a relaxing yet refreshing vacation.

Reykjavík as a metropolitan area has its population less than 200,000 people. This northernmost capital in the world boasts an astonishingly vibrant downtown setting that is loaded with culture and history. Some of the major attractions in Reykjavik include the three great landmarks Perlan, Hallgrimskirkja church and Harpa concert hall. Try to go to the city centre to have a view of Iceland‘s parliament house and Reykjavik city hall.

Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon Tour
The Golden Circle is a 300 kilometer route to the three most popular natural attractions in Iceland: the Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall and Thingvellir National Park. Thingvellir National Park is a historic site and national park in Iceland with a Church and the ruins of old stone shelters. With boiling mud pits Geysir Hot Spring Area are exploding geysers and the lively Strokkur which spouts water 30 meters into the air every few minutes. Gullfoss waterfall as a glacier White River drops a total of 32 meters in two stages as it flows through the rugged, at times 70 meters high, canyon. Try to take some time out for a relaxing soak in the Blue Lagoon, one of the world’s finest natural spas and rated as one of the 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic.

Southern Coast and Waterfalls
Your entire day visit will take you through the constantly changing scene of south Iceland to discovering some of the nation's greatest volcanoes, glaciers and most amazing waterfalls. You can also explore the dark sand seashore of Reynisfjara, and witness the renowned Skogafoss cascade and take a stab at strolling behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Your guide will also find out several volcanoes, including Hekla, Eyjafjallajokull and Katla. Hotel pick-up and drop-off is included.

Things to do in Iceland
Iceland is a beautiful country to visit and one of the most unique when it comes to things to do in Iceland. Let’s have a look at some of those.

Go on a Whale Watching Tour
The best time to go on a whale watching tour in Iceland is during summers; however most of the whales stay in the water throughout the year. Go on a scheduled whale watching tours from Reykjavik and in North Iceland and treat your eyes with some magnificent whales. Nature and wildlife lovers would surely not mind going on this Whale Watching Tour.

Have a Night Out in Reykjavík
Reykjavik is famous for its fast-paced nightlife which is praised by most of the tourists. The entertainment venues, bars and restaurants that are decked up in this capital city showcase a culture that everyone loves to dig into. The entire nightlife of Reykjavik is centered at one place and is at a walking distance from one another.

Relax in the Blue Lagoon Spa
Blue Lagoon GeoThermal Spa in Iceland gives you an opportunity to discover the waters of Blue Lagoon wherein you harmonize with nature. You need to pre-book your appointment and choose the spa type from the couple of options that are available.

Witness the Northern Lights
Northern Lights are one of the most splendid natural phenomenons which a tourist would love to tick off their bucket list. Head on a tour to visit the Northern Lights that can be best viewed after Equinox in September. Reykjavik is one of the most popular places to witness these lights.

Stroll across the black sand beaches
Black Sand beaches are majorly found on the South Coast of the country and is one of the prettiest beaches you would ever find in any part of the world. The Black sand beaches were created by the lava flowing from the ocean which had cooled down after it instantly touched the water.

Best time to Visit Iceland
Winter (December - February)

If you are planning to visit Iceland in winter (but not as cold as you would think), the temperature is moderate. You will see a blanket of snow and there is a high probability of seeing the northern lights. During the winter months, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. This is great for those on the hunt for the northern lights, and provides a ‘golden hour’ effect for the whole time the sun is in the sky.

Spring (March - May)
If you are wondering what is the best time to visit Iceland, spring might just be the answer. And during spring the days are longer so the snow starts to melt revealing Iceland’s lush green landscape for the first time every year. We can say that spring is shoulder season when prices are lower and you will not find crowds during these months. But for that advantage, expect rain, wind and the infrequent sunny light with moderate temperatures.

Summer (June - August)
Summer is definitely the peak season to visit Iceland. The weather during these months is mild (for an Arctic Circle country), heaps of attractions are open and accessible – and prices soar as tourist season gets into full swing and people visit in droves. Summer (June, July and August) is easily the most ideal time of year to visit Iceland as it boasts 21+ hours of daylight which makes it a perfect destination for travelers.

Autumn (September - November)
The National parks are bathed in red, orange and yellow interspersed with patches of green moss across the lava field that is most vibrant just before the snow arrives. There is still enough sunlight for most summer activities, however, temperatures are cooler and the crowd is less as compared to other months, with lower costs.

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