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Finland - tucked away in Northern Europe, is a jewel just waiting to be found. There are plenty of reasons to love Finland, whether it's the people, the beautiful arctic landscape, or the eye-catching architecture. Finland is one of the least populated countries in the world, and it has more forest as a percentage of its total area than any other country in Europe. So it is no surprise that visitors are in awe of the stunning beauty of Finland Tourism

Our Finland Tour Packages provide a gateway to this breathtaking destination, allowing you to immerse yourself in the magic of this country. From its vibrant cities like Helsinki to the mesmerizing Northern Lights, Finland has something for all. While exploring Finland, be sure to witness the must-explore things in Finland. Try reindeer safaris or husky sledding in Lapland, relax in traditional Finnish saunas, or cruise along the beautiful Finnish archipelago. Traveling to Finland from India is a breeze, with convenient flight options available. Don't forget to check the Finland Tourist Visa requirements with our expert visa team to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Popular Finland Tour Packages

Finland Tour Packages



Serene Scandinavia With Royal Russia

18 Nights
/ 19 Days

₹ 3,99,360 Onwards

Serene Scandinavia

13 Nights
/ 14 Days

₹ 3,16,780 Onwards

Highlights Of Finland

6 Nights
/ 7 Days

₹ 84,680

Highlights of Helsinki

2 Nights
/ 3 Days

₹ 15,410

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How to Reach Finland

To reach Finland from India, regular flights plying to Helsinki from major Indian cities. Finnair, the national carrier of Finland, offers direct flights from Delhi to Helsinki, making it an ideal choice for travelers. Finland has excellent connections with several important European cities and its adjacent Scandinavian states, like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.

Traveling to Finland by Air

Travel by flight from India to Finland is the most popular and convenient option for Indian tourists. The main airline of Finland, Finnair, offers nonstop flights from Delhi to Helsinki, enabling a quick link between the two nations. As an alternative, you might choose a connecting flight with an airline like Emirates, Qatar Airways, or Turkish Airlines, which offers seamless connections to Helsinki from several Indian locations. India to Finland flight prices may vary depending on factors such as travel dates, airline, and booking class. 

Places to visit in Finland

Finland is a beautiful country with plenty of places to visit in Finland that will fascinate you. Witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, explore the stunning Finnish archipelago, or indulge in the picturesque lakeside towns. With a diverse range of tourist attractions in Finland, it is a dream destination for those seeking cultural delights, natural wonders, and unforgettable memories. 

Archipelago National Park

Most islands of any archipelago can be found in the Archipelago Sea off the coast of Finland. Archipelago National Park is a true gem among the national parks in Finland. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Finland. The park offers a unique blend of rich cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and natural beauty. Tourists can hike along the picturesque trails, explore the pristine beaches, and enjoy activities like kayaking, fishing, and boating. The park also features traditional Finnish cottages, historic lighthouses, and charming villages. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature and explore the enchanting beauty of 
Archipelago National Park.


Rovaniemi is known for its Santa Village. Visit the Santa Village in the Arctic Circle, if you want to fulfill your child's wish of meeting Santa. Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is an incredible spot that draws travelers from all over the world. It is one of the must-visit places in Finland. It includes the Arctic Circle, where you can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical line marking the Arctic region. Embark on a snowmobile adventure through the snowy landscapes, or explore the Arctic wilderness on husky or reindeer safaris. Don't pass up the chance to go to see the magnificent Northern Lights dance across the Arctic sky.


Helsinki offers a healthy dose of everything that makes Finland unique. This vibrant capital of Finland is an enchanting blend of tradition and modernity. Helsinki in Finland is a multicultural city and one of the popular tourist attractions in Finland. Marvel at the stunning Helsinki Cathedral; explore the iconic Senate Square decorated with neoclassical architecture. Stroll along the picturesque waterfront of Market Square to sample some delicious Finnish food. Helsinki is a fashionable, modern city with a thriving art and music scene. It is densely packed with museums, cafes, and green spaces. As the city is compact, you can easily do most of your sightseeing on foot.  


Levi in the Lapland region is a renowned winter wonderland and one of the most famous tourist places in Finland. Levi offers the adventure and the comforts you require for a restful, memorable, and enjoyable vacation amidst Lapland's stunning scenery, whether your notion of heaven is ripping down a hill, crossing a vast Arctic forest beneath the Midnight Sun, or melting into a hot tub. As the largest and most popular Finnish Ski center in the country, Levi offers a perfect blend of exciting winter activities and pristine nature. 

Porvoo in the Uusimaa region of Finland is not a town, but an experience not to be missed when in Finland. As the second oldest city in Finland, Porvoo is packed with history, from ancient times to the modern day. With its well-preserved old town, cobblestone streets, and colorful wooden houses, the city exudes a pleasant ambiance. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Finland, attracting visitors with its delightful cafes, rich cultural heritage, and boutique shops. A trip to Porvoo gives a delightful look into Finland's past and an experience that will live long in the memory.


Espoo, in southern Finland, is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of innovation, culture, and nature. Espoo near Helsinki is not as well known as the capital city, it is a great destination to spend a few days. Nature lovers can enjoy the stunning coastal beauty along the Espoo Archipelago or explore the Nuuksio National Park with its picturesque lakes and pristine forests. Art lovers can explore the Espoo Museum of Modern Art which features local and global art. Espoo, often overlooked by most visitors is one of the best places to visit in Finland, with a wealth of natural attractions worth exploring. 

Things to do in Finland

Finland offers visitors a wide range of thrilling experiences and activities to engage in. There are countless things to do in Finland, from viewing the stunning Northern Lights to exploring pristine national parks. Enjoy the Finnish saunas, go on exciting husky safaris, take a refreshing dip in one of the beautiful lakes in summer, or go snowboarding or skiing in winter. With a diverse range of tourist activities in Finland, the country offers an unforgettable journey for all travelers. 

Witness the Northern Lights

The number one activity on everyone's list of things to do in Finland is seeing the Northern Lights, which is awe-inspiring. The night sky is painted with vivid colors and swirling patterns by these celestial lights, sometimes referred to as the Aurora Borealis. In Finnish Lapland, the Northern Lights are visible on about 200 evenings every year. Thus you will find numerous places to see the Northern Lights in Finland. Experience this natural phenomenon while staying in unique accommodation options across the country. You can choose to stay in glass igloos, huts, etc.

Take a steamy sauna

The sauna is a treasured ritual in Finland and has a distinct position in Finnish culture. A sauna in Finland is more than simply a way to unwind; it's also a social and cultural experience. Saunas can be found virtually everywhere in Finland, from homes to public places. In a Finnish sauna culture, you sit in a steamy, hot room before stepping outside into a cool lake or rolling around in the snow to cool off. It promotes physical and mental well-being and it's a terrific way to unwind and meet new people. Experience a Finnish sauna is one of the must-do things to do in Finland

Go for a Finnish lake boat ride.

Boats were the simplest way to travel to Finland before modern transportation, and boating is still an essential aspect of Finnish culture today. A boat excursion is a great opportunity to see and discover more of Finland than is possible on foot or by car. With thousands of lakes dotting the Finnish landscape, there are abundant opportunities for boat tours and water sports in Finland. Ride in a traditional Finnish boat and sail over clean waters amidst picturesque woods and tranquil scenery. Exploring lakes by boat is a must-do tourist activity to do in Finland that allows you to experience the Finnish wilderness. 

Spend some time at Santa Claus Village.

Spend some time at Santa Claus Village, an exciting amusement park in Rovaniemi, Finland. Both children and adults should visit this lovely location. As you reach the Arctic Circle and meet Santa Claus, take in the joyful scene. Explore Santa's official post office, where you may mail postcards with a special Arctic Circle postmark to your loved ones. Enjoy the surrounding winter wonderland, go on a reindeer sleigh ride, or go on a thrilling snowmobile safari. Visiting Santa Claus Village is one of the vital things to do in Finland. It offers a memorable experience filled with wonder, joy, and the spirit of Christmas. 

Stay at an igloo

Experience a truly unique stay at an igloo hotel in Finland. You lie on your bed and gaze up at the sky through the roof. When it's 20 degrees outside in the winter, you will probably be cuddled up in a warm blanket, watching the northern lights. In the summer, you may view the surroundings and the midnight sun at any time of the night. The temperature inside the glass igloo remains regulated, providing a cozy environment. Staying in an igloo is one of the iconic things to do in Finland. It's a perfect way to enjoy the winter scenery and gives your Finnish journey a dash of magic.

Opt for winter adventures.

There are numerous things to do in Finland in winter - that will make your trip truly unforgettable. What's not to love about winter in Finland? Christmas markets, Auroras, ski resorts, winter activities, saunas, ice skating, ski resorts, and more. Experience the snowy beauty by skiing or snowboarding at one of the top ski areas in the nation. Take a reindeer or husky safari through pristine forests and beautiful scenery. Snowmobiling across frozen lakes and vast snowy terrains is a thrilling experience. Try ice fishing, ice climbing, or even spending the night in an igloo for the more daring types. And, of course, don't miss out on seeing the hypnotic Northern Lights dance over the Arctic sky.

Best Time to Visit Finland

What you hope to do will influence the best time to visit Finland from India. Finland has diverse charms throughout the year, with each season highlighting new attractions. Consider the Finland weather, activities, and festivals that interest you to decide the best season to visit Finland. Finland has something to offer in every season, from the magical winter wonderland with opportunities for skiing and watching the Northern Lights to the vibrant summer with long daylight hours for outdoor activities.

Summer Season

Summer in Finland is a mesmerizing season marked by boundless daylight and stunning landscapes. May Day marks the beginning of the summer season. From the end of May until the end of July, the midnight sun dominates the sky, limiting the length of the night to no more than five or six hours. Discover the phenomena of the midnight sun, where the sun never sets completely, and so provides more time for outdoor sports and exploration. Attend summer festivals and events during the summer months in Finland to immerse in local culture.

Winter Season

Winter in Finland is much more than snow. From December to February, the winter months in Finland bring a magical ambiance to the country. Enjoy the snowy surroundings while engaging in exciting winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. Explore the snowy forests on a mesmerizing husky sleigh ride, or go ice fishing on frozen lakes. Wintertime temperatures are often below zero degrees Celsius and can even reach -20 degrees Celsius. It is often dark due to the sun rising late in the morning and setting in the afternoon. Winter calls for warm clothing. Wear a warm winter jacket, a hat, gloves, a scarf, and dress in layers.

Monsoon Season

Finland has a mild and moderate climate throughout the year, with no specific monsoon season. Unlike several tropical regions, there is no distinct Monsoon in Finland. Instead, rainfall is spread out equally over the year. Rain showers can happen at any time, but they often aren't intense or long-lasting. Visitors visiting Finland can expect rain showers at any time of year. These rain showers, however, have little impact on travel plans or outdoor activities.
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