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Are you planning your honeymoon at an offbeat destination? Iceland is ideal for couples looking to get away from the crowd and discover the natural beauty of the country. With its stunning landscapes, dramatic scenery, and natural hot springs, Iceland is a dream destination for honeymooners. Iceland honeymoon packages from India are readily available to help you plan the perfect honeymoon getaway. Iceland honeymoon packages with Flamingo Transworld include flights, accommodation, transfers, meals, and sightseeing, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable trip. Pick from multiple packages that meet your budget and provide an exceptional experience. Also check our Iceland Tour Packages!

Your honeymoon in Iceland will be filled with unforgettable experiences, including the Northern Lights, hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers. Iceland is one of the few places in the world where you can witness the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Under these dancing lights, you can cuddle up with the one you love. Another unique experience and a must-visit for couples is the natural hot springs. Refresh your senses while relaxing in the warm water and beautiful surroundings. 

At Flamingo Transworld, we know that each relationship is unique and has specific needs. Therefore, with our personalized Iceland honeymoon tour packages, you may design your itinerary. You can choose the destinations you want to visit, the activities you want to do, and the experiences you want to have. In conclusion, Iceland is a perfect destination for couples who want to explore the beauty of nature and create unforgettable memories.
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Frequently asked questions about Iceland Honeymoon Tours

Although Iceland may not be the first destination that springs to mind when considering a traditional honeymoon trip, the island nation is truly extraordinary. Its spectacular scenery, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, and geothermal hot springs, offer a special and romantic setting. Iceland is a place that combines adventure, peace, and natural beauty, which might make for a romantic honeymoon.
  • Scenic Iceland
  • Iceland – Self-Drive With Northern Lights
  • Scenic Iceland - Self Drive
A 7 to 10-day honeymoon package for two people can cost between INR 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 or more, not including flights. The cost often includes hotel stay, transportation, sightseeing, and some activities. To get exact rates and package information, it's best to speak with one of our destination experts, as they can change depending on preferences and personalization.
Iceland should be visited for at least a week, but up to two or three weeks will allow you to experience more of this stunning nation in one trip. Although it is still possible to visit Iceland for fewer than seven days, you will undoubtedly want to return so you can see and do more.
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Diamond Beach
  • Fjadrargljufur Canyon
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Snorkeling or Diving in Silfra
  • Ice Cave Exploration
  • Glacier Hiking
  • Volcano Exploration
  • ATV/Quad Biking
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Diamond Beach
  • Sólheimasandur Beach
  • Dyrhólaey Beach
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Seltjarnarnes in Reykjavík
  • Snæfellsnes peninsula
  • Þingvellir National Park
  • Westfjords and North Iceland
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Akureyri and the North
  • Reykjavik and Surrounding Areas
  • Eastfjords
  • Westfjords
Yes, Iceland is considered by many as a safe destination for couples. It is known for its serene and inviting attitude and has a low crime rate. The locals are nice and helpful to tourists. Furthermore, it's vital to be ready for Iceland's seasons and terrain, particularly during the winter, and to be aware of any potential natural hazards or road conditions.