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About Spain
Spain Tour Packages – Book your Spain holiday packages with Flamingo Transworld. If you are planning to go to Spain trip then you are definitely in for a treat. It is sophisticated and decorated with wonderful art and architecture and is a country packed with amazing places. Spain exudes a vibrant energy and is a captivating combination of present and past. Flamingo Transworld helps you to choose your style of Spain tour, be it an exclusive customized tour or an all-inclusive group package.

It is known for its ancient monuments, the medieval castles, the white villages, the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid which will make your Spain packages a great mix of cultural attractions. The capital city Madrid is home to Royal Palace and Prado museum. Few of the major attraction in Spain are the Alhambra and Generalife Gardens in Granada, the great mosque of Cordoba, the Prado and Paseo del Artes in Madrid, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and Gaudi Sites and many more beautiful sites to make your Spain vacation worth the time.

Flamingo Transworld offers you Spain packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and other major cities of India. We try our best to serve our customers with utmost comfort through our Prompt communication and network of offices around the nation. Most of our team members have already been to the destination and that will surely add value to your holiday. We specialize in serving vegetarian & Jain food on all our group tours. So hurry up, and plan your Spain holiday trip with us so that you can create fresh and warm memories to cherish, while we take care of the rest!

Popular Spain Tour Packages

Package Name



Barcelona - City Breaks

3 Nights 
/ 4 Days

₹ 12,920

Ibiza City Break

3 Nights 
/ 4 Days

₹ 32,680

Spain Tomatina Special

7 Nights 
/ 8 Days

₹ 95,280

Highlights Of Spain - By Rail

9 Nights 
/ 10 Days

₹ 84,570

Best Of Spain

10 Nights
/ 11 Days

₹ 74,410


Frequently asked questions about Spain Tour Packages

What are the different modes of transportation provided to passengers on tour?

At the time of booking, passengers are given different options to choose their mode of transportation like: In Private Transfer you can also choose to do sightseeing by private vehicle which will be available from one point to another. The private vehicle will be pre­booked on a pre­ decided route and timings decided in advance as well.  

Vehicle at disposal means that a car will be with you throughout the travel trip for which timings and kilometers will be decided in advance. If you use the car outside the travel package distance or time limit then it may not be possible or it will be charged additionally. Vehicle at disposal offers more flexibility and control over the itinerary. Private van tours include a vehicle at disposal. 


SIC (Seat in coach basis) SIC coach transfers depart only at fixed times and stop at different hotels enroute where other passengers may be picked up or dropped off which means it is time consuming. You will be traveling with other passengers and passengers of different nationalities which offers a good chance to interact with people from different parts of the world. Before joining the tour you need to exchange tour vouchers for your original tickets from the concerned office. Many times the tour starting point is not from the hotel so then you need to reach the departure point from your hotel at your own expense.

What kind of food is offered to travelers on tour?

Meals which will be provided on tour will be mentioned in your tour itinerary. Usually meal menu contains of Indian vegetarian food, Jain food (no onion, no garlic, no potato), local vegetarian food, if requested Indian non - vegetarian food and local non­ - vegetarian food. All Meal Requests must be clearly specified at the time of booking.

What is the procedure to obtain visa to visit the said destination?

Visa is an official permit that helps you enter a foreign country and stay there for a specific period of time. Flamingo does serve visa service. Talk to our travel consultant for visa process details for which you will have to submit certain documents.

What is the best time to visit the said destination?

Europe may not be among the biggest continents but rather it has an exceptionally varied geography. Along these lines, the atmosphere of Europe is distinctive according to the region from bright Mediterranean isles to arctic Norwegian fjords.

The ideal time for Indians to travel is from April to September. This is a period of Spring & Summer. During this time the climate mildly warm & days are long, allowing maximum time to explore. If you are choosing winter experiences like skiing, snowshoeing etc. or wanting to experience Northern Lights, you must travel during the winter between December & March.

Spain Tour Guide - Places To Visit / Best Time To Travel / Things To Do / Activities
Spain is a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula including 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures.  It is widely known for ancient monuments left by the Romans and Moors, the medieval castles of the interior, the white villages in inland Andalucia or the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid. There is a great mixture of cultural attractions in Spain packages. 

You can find the soul of Spain in attractions which represent the country’s tumultuous history, rich culture, and enchanting natural beauty. And then there are the countless beaches that dot the Spanish coast in Spain tour. The climate in Spain is different across countries according to the geographical conditions.  

Here is a list of must visit places on Spain tour packages:

  • Alhambra: Alhambra is situated on a plateau overlooking the city of Granada in Southern Spain. Part fortress, part palace, and a part garden were constructed in the 14th century by the Nasrid sultans. The Alhambra complex includes several buildings, towers, walls, gardens, and a mosque with incredible stone carvings, the delicate filigrees, magnificent ceilings, the graceful arches and serene courtyards. 

  • Mezquita of Cordoba: The Mezquita Mosque is a fascinating building famous for the forest of pillars and arches inside the main hall. It is one of the largest mosques in the world and the finest achievement of Morrish architecture in Spain. The great mosque ranks with Alhambra in Granada as one of the most splendid examples of Islamic art and architecture in Western Europe. 

  • El Escorial: El Escorial was a political center of the Spanish empire under King Phillip II. Work was begun there on a huge complex which would include a monastery, church, royal palace, library, and museum. The picture gallery here has a large collection of fine paintings.  

  • Sagrada Familia: The Sagrada Familia church is loaded with fanciful and outrageous buildings in Barcelona. It is one of most visited tourist attractions of Spain holiday packages. The construction of Basilica began in 1882 and still as yet not finished. 

  • The Prado: The Prado ranks with the world’s top art museums for the riches of its collections. After 2007 when it doubled its exhibition space, the Prado added another 12 galleries. It has the world’s largest collection of Spanish art. 

Conclusion: So, That’s how we will make your Spain tour memorable. For tour package related any queries or questions, reach us at / +91 9825081806

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