Uganda Holiday Tour Packages

The landlocked country of Uganda is in East Africa. It shares borders with Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and South Sudan. This African country is also known as the Pearl of Africa due to its diverse and most concentrated range of fauna on the continent. Especially the highly endangered mountain gorilla and chimpanzee. It is a haven for all those who love wildlife and nature. It is also where the Nile River begins, flowing from Lake Victoria near Jinja. Uganda is renowned for its national parks, gorilla trekking, and thrilling safaris. Uganda has majestic mountains like the Rewnzori Mountains, wide plains, and lush forests. The tourist places in Uganda are a treasure trove of incredible diversity and extraordinary natural wonders. 

Uganda tour packages offer travelers a chance to discover the raw untamed beauty of East Africa. With over fifty groups - Uganda features diverse cultures with vibrant crafts, dances, and ceremonies. With its lively tribal cultures, diverse topography, and a plethora of outdoor adventures, Uganda Travel Packages from Ahmedabad lets you uncover the untamed spirit of this African gem. Whatever you are interested in, Uganda has a wealth of exciting things to experience and explore.

How to reach Uganda?

Travel to Uganda from India by air. The main airport in Uganda is the Entebbe International Airport, around 50 km from the capital city of Kampala. Flights to Uganda include Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, and Uganda Airlines. You can board a flight to Uganda from either Mumbai or Delhi International Airport. The average duration of the air travel is around 11 to 12 hours. Plan your Uganda trip package from India with flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and other experiences. 

Best time to visit Uganda

The best time to book your Uganda holiday packages depends on what you wish to do and see in Uganda. If you want to go on a safari, the best time is to visit during the dry season – From June to August and December to February. The climate during these months is dry and warm, ideal for outdoor adventures and wildlife safaris. June to August is the high season, also the best time for Gorilla Trekking. Since this is the peak season for gorilla trekking adventures, it is advisable to book the permits in advance. March to May is the wet season in Uganda, this is a little difficult time to travel to Uganda as the road conditions are not feasible during the rainy season.

Uganda Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

Do you wish to explore this unexplored land in Africa? Let Flamingo Travels guide and plan an unforgettable tour through the wilderness of Uganda. Explore the various tourist attractions in Uganda. Our carefully designed tour packages allow you to experience the cultural heritage, national parks, wildlife safaris, and natural beauty of Uganda. Let us plan your trip to experience the untamed raw beauty of Uganda, creating memories that will last for a lifetime. 
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