Morocco Tour Packages

Morocco is a fascinating North African country that offers tourists a truly exotic and culture-rich experience. From secluded Mediterranean bays to wild Atlantic beaches, from modern cities to UNESCO-listed sites, snowy peaks to arid deserts, Morocco has so much to offer to all types of travelers. People like to visit Morocco for its rich cultural heritage, all-inclusive beach vacations, year-round sunshine, and ancient, well-preserved cities that will teleport you in the past. It is a really attractive country, with lots of tourist places in Morocco. Morocco is swiftly rising to the top of the list of popular travel countries worldwide. 

Choose from our range of Morocco tour packages to explore this diverse country. Morocco with its 3,500 kilometers of coastline and diverse mountain ranges is defined by an amazing diversity of people and scenery. The country is at the crossroads of Arabia, Europe, and Africa, reflecting its rich traditions and culture. Morocco features grand mosques, ancient medinas, lively souks, and impressive Moroccan architecture. With its diverse landscapes, welcoming locals, and history, Morocco promises an exotic holiday like no other country. Discover more about this enchanting African country with our Morocco travel Packages from Ahmedabad.

How to reach Morocco?

The ideal way to get to Morocco is via air travel. Popular flights to Morocco are Egypt Air, Air India, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, etc. There are no flights that fly directly from India to Morocco. Casablanca Mohamed V Airport is the primary airport in Morocco. You will get easy connectivity options from both Delhi and Mumbai. The flight duration between these two countries is around 13 to 15 hours, depending on the airlines and the stopovers in between. Most Morocco trip packages include flights, hotels, sightseeing, transfers, meals, and other activities. 

Best time to visit Morocco

Morocco is an excellent year-round vacation place, but the right time for Morocco holiday packages will depend on the activities that you wish to explore. The ideal time to visit this exciting country is during its autumn and spring seasons. Unlike the scorching summer and chilly winter seasons, the spring and autumn season offers a pleasant atmosphere. April, May, September, October, and early November offer a more comfortable, mild climate - one that may be easier for you to explore the country. Coastal areas can be visited year-round.

Morocco Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

Book your Morocco tour package with Flamingo Travels and discover the fairytale land. Our tour will take you through the fascinating tourist attractions in Morocco. Explore the ancient cities and the Sahara Desert, sample Moroccan cuisines, experience the rich culture, and stay in traditional riads. Let us assist you through the magic of Morocco, creating memories that last a lifetime. Book your adventure today and discover the treasures of this enchanting African country.
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