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Introducing Prague

Prague is the capital city and the largest city of Czech Republic – a nation famous for long history and ornate castles. In this sense, Prague is a quintessential Czech city. It is famously called the city of a thousand spires because of the presence of very many churches. Its baroque architecture is reminiscent of the bygone era – the cobblestone streets, the old bridges and castles, towering churches and synagogues are a treat to the eyes. And yet the city’s modern life, especially night life, is oh so vibrant with clubs and bars remaining open until wee hours. In fact, Prague is considered to be serving the best beer in all of Europe. It is a magical city meant for aimless wandering and each corner takes you by wonder. A seamless blend of ancient and modern, Prague ticks every box in your European travel bucket list. 


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

The overall climate of Prague is of a temperate nature with warm summers and chilly winters. The extreme change in seasons adds to the romantic charm of the city. December to February is a particularly cold period with temperatures falling below 0°C and bringing in little rainfall. March to May is the spring season and considered the best time to visit this city. June to August is a warmer period with summer at its peak but broken by heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. September to November is autumn and quite a pleasant time to visit Prague before it gets very cold. In general, late spring and early fall are the ideal periods to visit Prague – these are also less touristy compared to summer months. Irrespective of the weather, the Christmas and Easter festivities take Prague’s beauty to another level.  

History & Culture

Prague was the capital of the Bohemian kingdom and flourished during the Renaissance. It was the seat of several Roman Emperors, most famous being Charles IV. When the state of Czechoslovakia was carved out after World War 1, Prague became its cultural and economic capital. The city was attacked by Hitler’s army in 1939 and in 1989 after the Soviet Union began to collapse, the country’s first free elections were held. It is no wonder then that Prague is the hub of rich history which manifests in the form of chapels, castles and bridges. Many of these constructions went through the tumultuous violence and destruction of 20th century Europe. The major attractions include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarte, amongst many others. Since 1992, the historic center of Prague has been added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. The people of Prague are amicable and so is the city. When it comes to food and drinks, the Czechs are particularly famous for producing some of the best beer in the world – and rightly so. It is not just international brand names but traditionally produced local beer in regional microbreweries that win hearts.


Prague is located in the centre of Europe and it is the fourteenth largest city in the European Union. It is equidistant from the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. In terms of terrain, it is flanked by mountains and the Vlata River cuts across the city, giving rise to picturesque landscapes that are ideal to cruise along in the evenings and nights. Getting a view of the city from the river is an experience that you must not miss. If you have the time, spend enough time cruising away from the city and into the silence. Prague is made up of four main areas to south of the river. On the East Bank are the Old Town, the New Town and the Jewish Quarter. On the West Bank are the medieval castle region and the Lesser Town. The famous Charles Bridge connects the East and the West Bank and this is a popular route taken by tourists while traversing the city. 


Places to visit in Prague


Things to Do in Prague

Vltava River Cruise
Vltava River is the longest river in the Czech Republic which flows 270 miles.Its drainage basin is 10,847 square miles. The river starts flowing from southwestern Bohemia with two headstreams in the Bohemian Forest, the Teplá Vltava and the Studená Vltava. It flows first southeast then north across Bohemia, and empties into the Elbe north of Prague. There are large hydropower dams on these lakes which provide recreational facilities. Jazz Dock is Prague´s best jazz clubs which is located on the Vltava River and it´s simply paranormal. There are around 18 bridges that cross the Vltava in Prague. Among these bridges the most famous is the medieval 14th century Charles Bridge which connects the Old Town area with the Mala Strana and the Prague castle complex.
Old Town SquareResize1280 x 780.jpg
Hello Audience! May we have your attention please! Old town Square resides right in the heart of Prague. It is the central historic part of Prague. The Square is the greatest tourist attractions of Czech Capital. It is just impossible to visit this classic destination even if you are visiting Prague for several numbers of times. The complete highlight of Old town Square is the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. It is a medieval clock mounted on the Old town hall. 
Vintage Car Tour
Explore Prague through cool vintage cars from 1930s and the duration of the tour may be altered according to your wishes. The driver will pick you up from your hotel and will surely take you on the exciting tours. You will pass through the major destinations of Prague like Old Town, Jewish town, across the Czech’s bridge to Prague Castle and then you can get back to the Old tow across Manes Bride.
Pub Crawl Tour
Prague surely knows how to party, it is the capital of world’s biggest beer drinkers and it is home to trendy bars and exciting pubs. It can be a good time for a night out without a big crowd and a normal bar crawl is the best way to experience it. As the sun sets in this enchanting fairytale city, exciting parties waits for you to join. 
Prague CastleResize1280 x 780.jpg
Please pen down that Prague castle indicates the largest castle area in the world. It’s three courtyards and number of magnificent buildings cover over 7 hectares, so just be prepared to see a lot. And according to Guin