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East Europe

Introducing Prague

Prague is the capital city and the largest city of Czech Republic – a nation famous for long history and ornate castles. In this sense, Prague is a quintessential Czech city. It is famously called the city of a thousand spires because of the presence of very many churches. Its baroque architecture is reminiscent of the bygone era – the cobblestone streets, the old bridges and castles, towering churches and synagogues are a treat to the eyes. And yet the city’s modern life, especially night life, is oh so vibrant with clubs and bars remaining open until wee hours. In fact, Prague is considered to be serving the best beer in all of Europe. It is a magical city meant for aimless wandering and each corner takes you by wonder. A seamless blend of ancient and modern, Prague ticks every box in your European travel bucket list. 

Must know facts

Best time to visit
The overall climate of Prague is of a temperate nature with warm summers and chilly winters. The extreme change in seasons adds to the romantic charm of the city. December to February is a particularl...
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History & culture
Prague was the capital of the Bohemian kingdom and flourished during the Renaissance. It was the seat of several Roman Emperors, most famous being Charles IV. When the state of Czechoslovakia was carv...
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Prague is located in the centre of Europe and it is the fourteenth largest city in the European Union. It is equidistant from the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by G...
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