Geography in Prague

Prague is located in the centre of Europe and it is the fourteenth largest city in the European Union. It is equidistant from the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. In terms of terrain, it is flanked by mountains and the Vlata River cuts across the city, giving rise to picturesque landscapes that are ideal to cruise along in the evenings and nights. Getting a view of the city from the river is an experience that you must not miss. If you have the time, spend enough time cruising away from the city and into the silence. Prague is made up of four main areas to south of the river. On the East Bank are the Old Town, the New Town and the Jewish Quarter. On the West Bank are the medieval castle region and the Lesser Town. The famous Charles Bridge connects the East and the West Bank and this is a popular route taken by tourists while traversing the city. 

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