Best time to visit in Paris

Like much of Europe, Paris experiences temperate climate and moderate temperatures across the year – it also rains at any time during the year. The winter months of January and February are particularly cold and not preferred by tourists, also making it the cheapest time to visit this city. March is bearable if spring season arrives early; otherwise it is the last leg of winter that makes it a tad unpleasant. This brings us to April – the best time to plan your visit to Paris before the crowds begin to throng in to France’s capital. The weather is warm and dry and the city shuns dark hues to embrace more vibrant colors of spring. May and June are fairly crowded with tourists on vacation mode thriving in the city. July is extremely hot and crowded and there’s still time for locals to go on holidays, which is usually in August. Thus September and October, even early November is the better time to visit Paris. It’s the beginning of fall and there’s still time for winter to kick in – in any case December, despite being cold and wet, is a wonderful time to visit Paris with festive season lifting the spirits and all kinds of markets are at their peak.

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