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Introducing Venice

Venice, called Venezia in Italian is a city in the northern part of Italy. It is an important seaport and the capital city of the province of Venezia as well as the region of Veneto. The city comprises 180 canals and 450 bridges connecting over a hundred small islands lined with picturesque buildings. Its churches, museums and palaces reflected in blue waters and canopied by a blue sky is an imagery romanticized all through the history of the city. Captured by photographers, filmmakers and painters alike, tourists in Venice can expect to behold a spectacle that they will never see elsewhere. Automobiles and other forms of modernization haven’t penetrated much of the floating city which has a unique way of life. In 1987, the city and its lagoon were collectively listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Historically the most prosperous city of Europe and a flourishing trade centre, modern Venice is best explored on foot and by boat. The transient, floating feeling makes Venice an experience unlike any other.

Must know facts

Best time to visit
Venice's best travel months, consequently also its busiest and most expensive are April, May, June, September, and October. Summer in Venice (July and August) is more temperate than in Italy's hot inl...
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History & culture
The history behind the evolution of a floating city is intriguing and often mysterious. The truth is that people fled Italian cities to escape barbaric invasions around the 5th century, finding refuge...
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Venice is situated in the northern part of Italy, at the north-western end of the Adriatic Sea. It lies on the archipelago of the crescent shaped Venice Lagoon. The sandbanks that protect the shallow ...
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