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Things To Do In Jordan

What to say about Jordan? Words could fall short for it. It is a destination which will force you to pack your bags and explore the best things to do in Jordan. Visit this alluring destination with our Jordan Holiday Packages. 
Wadi Rum is famously also known as the Valley of Moon and is a protected dessert that lies towards the southern Jordan. Featuring dramatic sand-stone mountains, consider this to be the perfect place where you can spend a night stargazing. There are many guided tours that take you to this part of Jordan make sure to not miss out on this.
To float in the Dead Sea is one of the most amazing experiences you would have in your entire lifetime. This is surely going to be your highlight when you are visiting Jordan. So pick up your favourite book and spend a lazy afternoon in the Dead Sea.
Jordan is home to some of the best falafel eateries serving you with some authentic delicacies, so while you are on your Jordan Tour, make your way to some of the most iconic eateries like Amman and Tawaheen Al Hawa for a Jordanian feast. 
This archaeological site in southern Jordan is surely going to be a muse to all the photographers for everything that it offers. There are a total of 27 sites available in lost city of Petra. Spend a whole day to witness the best views and ruins of Petra and capture it in your celluloid.
Petra by night is a complete unforgettable experience which you would come across in your entire lifetime. Petra Night Show takes you to a magical way to see the rock city by candlelight and explore the old city which has recently become a world wonder.
 Consider this market to be a mecca for all the tourists who are shopaholics. Located in the downtown area of the city, the bazaar of Amman offers it’s visitors an authentic ambiance selling all kinds of aromatic spices, cheap products from China, Arabic delicacies and an animated fruit and vegetable market.
If you are in Jordan, you cannot leave without indulging in the local cuisine of Jordan. Apart from the local food, do not forget to savour into their popular desserts which too, are an important part of their culture and food history.
 King’s Highway is home to some of the best cities and castles which you would experience while driving on this highway. Rugged mountains and canyons, the sleepy rural villages, large stretches of agricultural land combined with lots of other surprises would make your drive not a boring one.

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