Best time to visit in Langkawi

Although Langkawi falls into tropical zone but unlike many other parts of Malaysia it enjoys far more sunshine, dry spells, and stable weather. This is mostly on the grounds that it is very much secured by the Malaysia's territory on its east and the Indonesian island Sumatra on its west.

So, if you plan to visit Langkawi you can expect enough sunshine during the day time and also during rainy season. The temperature here remains warm and mostly the same throughout the year. The warmest period is between Februarys to March with February being the hottest month.  

The one thing that you will need to cope up with is humidity, its super humid all through the year and sometimes uncomfortable. The most humid months are between Aprils to October. Somehow ideal time to visit Langkawi is during summers though it will be humid but it is still manageable. Explore it with our International holiday packages.

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