Bird Park

The first and largest bird park of its kind in Malaysia, is a 5-acre park on the mainland of Penang State, home to a collection of over 300 species of birds from around the world, of which more than 150 are Malaysian species. More than 3,000 birds in this park have been carefully and scientifically kept in more than 150 cages for the purpose of breeding and conservation.

Built-in garden concept, the park boasts of its beautiful landscaping with an impressive collection of hibiscus, orchids, bamboo, ornamental plants and palm trees. The waterfalls and natural pond abound with colourful fish, lotus and water lilies, making it home to free-roaming pelicans, flamingos, swans, egrets, storks, herons and colourful ducks. Check out the Chinese-style wooden bridges that cross the water or relax in the small Malay huts that dot the park to enjoy the beauty of nature at play. A comfortable air-conditioned restaurant in the park serves delicious local and western cuisine.

The Penang Bird Park is also home to several species of deer, including the world's smallest deer – the mouse-deer. The park also exhibits giant arapaima fish, pythons, giant estuary crocodiles, tortoises and other species of wildlife.

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