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Introducing Mexico

Mexico’s vibrant culture, amazing food and incredible history makes it a destination that should be in everyone’s bucket list. It is a dream and reality lives up to them, it’s all about endless adventures for senses and a place where life is lived largely in the open air. Yes, it’s an obvious choice- and with reason. There is really no more fascinating country in the world then Mexico as it offers little something for everyone. The nature of Mexico is incredible and there are such a significant number of various species and vegetation to be found inside the Mexican outskirt. There is also wide ethnic diversity as well as culture and food. Visit this historical destination with our Mexico tour packages.


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

Ideal time to visit Mexico is dependent on location within Mexico; it has more than 5800 miles of beaches, but the interior is made up of desert, jungle, lowlands, highlands, and mountains that surpass 18000 feet above sea level. The atmosphere here ordinarily includes cool evenings and dry days. There is a rainy season from June through October; you should visit mountains if you are interested in adventure travel including trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking. 

The best time to visit the lowlands is in the winter, when it will be hot and humid but much drier compared to the summer. And the absolute best time to begin to hit Mexico coast is after hurricane season, specifically November when weather switches to dry season and lasts until around March or April. 

In short, there is no wrong time to visit Mexico. Regardless of the season there is a goal that is coming into its prime. So what are you waiting for book your holidays with our International holiday packages.

History & Culture

Modern day Mexico has been possessed for around 23,000 years, as indicated by archeological proof, and clans started to settle in the territory around 7,000 years back, because of the high-amount of beans and maize discovered developing in the district. 

Towns based around the development of these essential sustenance sources before long framed and human advancements developed. One of the most punctual composed clans was the Olmecs, who were revolved around the Gulf Coast from around 1500 BCE. The social attributes of this gathering spread all through the nation, and different clans started to grasp and propel the gathering's thoughts, including the Maya. 

From around 300 BCE, Mayan settlements started to jump up in zones from the northern Yucatan Peninsula to the present Guatemala. The Mayan culture advanced and the idea of the ahua, or ruler, developed alongside a chain of importance overwhelmed by an assigned first class. Amid this time of thriving, the kingdoms' populaces numbered in the millions, and development of incredible buildings started, the most amazing being the stunning capital of the rulers, Teotithuacan.

A significant part of Mexican culture since the pre-Colombian time, writing has flourished in this differing country. From the celebrated Mesoamerican artist Netzahualcoyotl to the provincial recorders of Juan Ruiz de Alacon and Juana Ines de la Cruz, and later Jose Vasconcelos, the nation's exceptional writing illustrates this beautiful nation's past. 

Music is at the focal point of Mexican culture, with a wide scope of classes found all through the territory. From the world-well known Mariachi group’s present at all uncommon events to a portion of the district's best DJs performing at enthusiastic scenes and clubs; it's hard to circumvent throbbing beats in this piece of the world. Experience the rich heritage and culture of this beautiful destination with our Mexico holiday packages.


Mexico has a much fluctuated geography that comprises of tough mountains with high rises, deserts, high levels and low waterfront fields. For instance, its most elevated point is at 18,700 feet (5,700 m) while its least is - 32 feet (- 10 m).

The biggest city in Mexico will be Mexico City, trailed by Ecatepec, Guadalajara, Puebla, Netzahualcoyotl and Monterrey. Mexico topography is differed, including mountains, deserts, waterways, lakes, high levels, volcanoes and miles and miles of shorelines. 

In spite of its Latin American ties, Mexico is situated in North America. Mexico is south of the United States, north of Belize and Guatemala and encompassed by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The fifth biggest nation in the Americas and the fourteenth biggest on the planet, Mexico's 760,000 square mile arrive mass is around one-fifth the extent of the U.S.



Things to Do in Mexico

Given that Mexico City has the second largest number of museums in the world, it becomes hard to choose that from where to starting exploring it. Mexico City is residence to the most visited museum in the country.  And its National Anthropology Museum is considered as the one of the best museums in Mexico City and it is next to impossible to explore in one single day because it is dedicated to physical anthropology and ethnographic objects. Room III recreates the entire natural history cabinets as they looked until the early twentieth century. 
A big Hello to all the foodies! Are you fond of Tacos? Did you know that Mexico is known as the universe of Tacos and will leave the memorable impact on you once you will grab it. It is the perfect mix of sweet, salty, crispy and creamy avocadoes with cheese on top; which will surely set your mood right. Hungry? Then what are you waiting for go grab it as it is truly a food to feed your soul. 
In many Catholic countries, including Mexico has a great importance of Carnivals in their culture. As they have a complete unique way of celebrating it. You can see the largest parades, marching bands, and carnival dancers performing and showing their skills on the platform. The explosion of colors and music will leave you awe- strucked. This is indeed a good place to celebrate your holidays with your family and friends. It surely serves something for everyone. 
Life is too short to eat bad food. Venture off the beaten path with street food tours and develop your taste for Mexican cuisines. Mexico City is the metropolis bursting with endless food options and cultural events. Taste the best Mexican food while discovering dynamic neighborhood. Just because of its food tours it is now known as the best and the most exciting food cities. 
It is indeed a pleasure in itself to cook a tasty Mexican food, learn how to make it at your own pace. Learn making some exotic and spicy Salsa, yummy Enchiladas, crispy tacos, classic and authentic Mexican rice and creamy burritos and many more items. Have fun while learning these mouth watering food items. You know what, when Mexicans wake up in the morning they never ask what are you doing today? They will ask, what are we eating today? Just because food is in the heart of every Mexican family. 
It goes without saying that Sky diving is literally insane, but yet a thrilling, unforgettable and a once in a lifetime kind of an experience. But you should try it only if you don’t faint easily, and dream of zooming through the open sky. It is like a dream come true as it is an ultimate experience. And while experiencing it you will realize how the world looks like from 10,000 feet above the sea level. Just don’t miss it!
There are no roads to Yelapa; you have to reach thereby boat. There is a public water taxi service serving the greater Pureto Vallarta area that shuttles visitors and locals alike up and down the coast. This trip gives you much more flexibility as far as when you leave and return. The day trip includes a stop for snorkeling; and these boats leave around 9:30am and return around 4:30Pm. 
What is your shopping list? Make sure as and when you visit Mexico it should include folk art and handicrafts. It is a wonderful place to shop your favorite’s handmade and vintage items of world imaginative marketplace. The main purpose is to protect and encourage traditional Mexican handcrafts. Training is offered to help artisans in order to improving the quality and design of the products while maintaining traditional cultural elements. 


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