Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

The Gupteshwor Mahadev cave is Nepal's most famous cave. It is located close to Davi’s fall in Pokhara.  It's rumored to be the longest cave in Nepal (2950 meters).The Cave is considered 599 years old. While the young local people went deeper, they found out that an idol-like object resembling Lord Shiva had formed naturally on the spot. Later on, it was taken to be Lord Shiva and the local people formally consecrated and installed it at the mouth of the cave in 1992. The cave is musty and damp but a string of electric light bulbs emits enough light to see the stairs clearly. Most of the time one needs to bend down until one has passed through the 50 meters long tunnel. Once one has passed through the tunnel, there is a huge open cavern with enormous rocks, no trace of soil at all, only little pebbles scattered everywhere. On the right hand side there is a deep gorge. After a few yards of scrambling through the darkness, there is a crystal clear pond and from here one can see the awe-inspiring falling right from the top.

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