Maya Devi Pond

Maya Devi Pond is quite simple but yet attractive square shaped structure with steps all around to ascend to the water level. Also known as Puskarini, this is where Gautama Buddha's mother - Maya Devi - used to bathe. In fact, Lord Buddha also once immersed himself in the pristine waters of the pond after his birth. A grand temple is now situated at the location where Lord Buddha was born and the Maya Devi pond is located right in front of the shrine. The temple complex is quite well maintained and provides a tranquil ambiance for the visitors. These ruins are believed to be the remains of ancient temples and stupors protected with brick pavilions. Another monument that will grab one's attention here is the Ashok Pillar, which was built by Emperor Ashoka in homage to Gautama Buddha's journey towards enlightenment and his teachings.

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