Spend The Day At The Singapore Zoo

Spend a day exploring the award-winning Singapore Zoo .  At the show and feeding, ride the tram and take in the views and stop for refreshments at the on-site cafe or restaurant.

One of the world's most beautiful wildlife environments, the Singapore Zoo is home to more than 2,800 animals of more than 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. At the zoo they roam freely in their near-natural habitats, separated only by visitors with rats and wooden fences. The park is the world's first free-orange organization in a zoo.

You can roam the zoo or use the tram to relax your feet and enjoy the views. Impressive performances include white tigers, Asian elephants, Peggy hippos, free-orangutans, otters, sun beers, and probosis monkeys.

In addition, there are shows and feedings, a waterfall aviary, a bird park, a wet play area, animal rides, and a tropical animal-themed slide and spray hut in the spectacular waterpark. All of this comes in handy with thirst and hunger, which is met with many bistros, cafes and restaurants in the complex. Add on the jungle breakfast option and enjoy your meal with your entire family and learn about all these beautiful creatures. 

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