Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National Park is the third biggest national park in South Africa. It has extended to conserve a wide range of biodiversity, landscapes, fauna and flora. Addo Elephant National Park is situated in the malaria-free Sundays River valley in the Eastern Cape, just over an hour's drive from Port Elizabeth and 9 hours drive from Cape Town .Addo is habitat to one of the densest African Elephant populations on earth, roughly 550 of them. They once wandered the entire continent. There were only 1.3 million African elephants who survived by 1979 .Ironically , in 1989 they were added to the international list of the most endangered species with only sixteen left in the Greater Addo area. More recently the Addo Elephant National Park has stretched out to become the only park in the world to lay claim to Africa's 'Big 7' - elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard, southern right whale and great white shark.

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