Robben Island

Robben Island is the place Nelson Mandela went through 27 years of his life in exile. And for almost 400 years, Robben Island has been a historical center that acts as a point of convergence of South African legacy. At first, the island was occupied by an assortment of untamed life, including winged creatures, penguins, seals, and tortoises. Its name "Robben" is derived from the Dutch, which means a seal. It likewise had an ample stockpile of new water accessible from various springs. Batolomeu Dias, the Portuguese pilgrim, 'found' the island in 1488 when he moored his boat in Table Bay. And in 1999 the island was proclaimed a World Heritage Site. The creator Lawrence Green depicted Robben Island as "The Island of Exiles". For quite a long time it was a remote unavailable spot. It was said that the Portuguese has put detainees herein as right on time as 1525, yet to date, no proof has highlighted this event.It is one of the most important places in South Africa and one must include this in there South Africa package.The island is open to visitors year-round, even though boat are not very frequent in winter season and the island closes early in the day. Tours to Robben Island are put on by the Robben Island Museum which looks after the site and many guides are late political prisoners who spent time here under really less happy situations. Presence of these people makes Robben Island history come to life.

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