Have dinner at Fermier

Fermier is an effort to recreate a restaurant which in future can become completely self-reliable by creating an entire “ecosystem” from vegetables to the livestock, that will definitely  suits their perception of responsible, careful farming (and restaurant) where even “waste” is converted into a functional part of the cycle.

As for the menu, the idea is to closethe gap between produce, farm, and the final output. Guests can see the produce growing, where it comes from and the adaptability of each product. This is created around the season. They grow ingredients and their ability to serve it is a fresh and exciting way.

With regards to the possibility of dependable association, the structure has developed "naturally" where soil from the region has been utilized to construct slammed earth dividers, polls as the skeleton and reused wood for the cladding and portals, in this manner making "a new vibe". To make it even better all crockery, tables and chairs have all been designed and handmade by artisans from the Karoo Yard. Elza designed and created the crockery from her pottery studio. To experience a unique kind of meal with an interesting back story you must visit this place when on a South Africa holiday.

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