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Introducing Interlaken

Flanked by the lakes Thun and Brienz, lies a town that is considered as the door to the Swiss Alps. Interlaken is a universal place for the travel industry, amid the late spring and the winter. Its excellent snow capped surroundings are a safe house to the individuals who look for sentimental and serene escapes. A standout amongst the most available mountain towns in Europe, Interlaken and the encompassing area has a wide range of exercises for all explorers. The individuals, who look for an adrenaline surge, can go for cannoning and boating on the mountain floods of the town. The mountain vistas coax those eager to partake in paragliding and helicopter skydiving or you can also go for astounding climbing trails and bicycle visits in the lap of the Alps. For the more customary vacationers, beautiful touring visits via train are exceptionally prevalent as this locale is home to Europe's most amazing railways. One can enjoy an exceptionally Swiss culinary experience, with cheddar and chocolate testing visits that start at Interlaken town. Wonder about the old Interlaken Abbey, a 900-year-old Swiss legacy jewel, or absorb the magnificence of the encompassing pinnacles and serene lake waters.


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

As a late spring goal, the area is unparalleled. Subsequently the midyear months fill in as the best time to visit the city. The vast majority of the contemporary and conventional celebrations are held in the late spring a long time of May to September. It is additionally the perfect time to appreciate the Mountain View, from the solace of a train or as a feature of a trek. 

History & Culture

The prior history of Interlaken is spun around the historical backdrop of Aarmuhle town and the Interlaken Abbey. Formally, Aarmuhle embraced Interlaken as another name in 1891. The nineteenth century saw this area develop as a vacationer goal for rich Europeans, its spas and clean mountain air giving break from the stopped up debauchery of the mainland's urban focuses. This notoriety grabbed at the turn of the nineteenth century and throughout the following couple of decades, the opening of water and rail courses expanded the area's footfall. Interlaken's economy was shocked seriously by the two incredible wars of the twentieth century, for regardless of Switzerland's lack of bias, it's reliance on remote guests implied the travel industry was influenced gravely. The district recuperated and re-evaluated itself for a more extensive group of onlookers in late history and the travel industry flourishes today.

Interlaken is a cutting edge, the travel industry driven town with a solid Swiss social character. The social logbook of the district is dabbed with celebrations everything being equal. There are melodic occasions amid all seasons including Snowpenair, a show at the foot of the triple pinnacles of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. The well known Unspunnen Festival is a noteworthy fascination and an extraordinary method to learn and encounter Swiss culture. There are different celebrations themed around road specialists and conventional livelihoods. The sustenance culture of Interlaken enables individuals to observe and test the two most adored Swiss fares, cheddar and chocolate, among numerous different things.



Interlaken is situated in the core of Switzerland, with lake Brienz toward the east and Lake Thun toward the west. The waterway Aare runs parallel to the settlement. Interlaken is situated at a height of 570 m (1870 ft.) above ocean level and is spread over 4.4 square kilometers. The town is overshadowed by the three pinnacles of Jungfrau, Eiger and Monch which are a characterizing portrayal of the acclaimed Swiss Alps.


Places to visit in Interlaken





Things to Do in Interlaken

White Water RaftingResize1280 x 780.jpg
The mighty Lütschine offers some of the best white water rafting in the Swiss Alps. Here you will find everything from fast flowing Alpine river to thrilling water actions. Interlaken is internationally renowned for its variety of rivers and also for its white water river rafting tours. It is all in one an exhilarating rush from start to finish. You will be amazed and stunned by the beauty and uniqueness of your experience. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the same and cherish it all your life. 
Grindelwald first
The Grindelwald First is the area which is full of fun and fantastic views. As when you will reach at the top you will find first cable cart and there’s a short, safe and slightly scary cliff walk in the sky bridge which will surely draw your attention. After this you can head towards lovely Lake Bachalp which is perfect place for picnic. You will also find a great playground and breathtaking views which will surely leave you awe-strucked. 
Aare Gorge
Switzerland’s longest river, which flows from Alps via lakes, has carved its way through the mountains in Gorge. Tunnels and wooden walkways allow all the visitors to experience the natural wonders with little real effort. Here the water is around 3 meter deep while the limestone rock walls reach nearly 200 meter high and the speed of the water flow ranges from 4-13 km per hour.  This will be an exceptional experience for you which you will cherish all your life. 
Standing on the Jungfrau at 3,454 meters above sea level, you will definitely feel it with your first step that altogether this is a different world. And surely without any doubt this will be a once in a lifetime kind of an experience. Gentle icy winds across your face, snow crunches under your feet and the stubbing view will take your breath away. Just breathe and feel all the senses and good vibes that reside within you at this exceptionally beautiful place. 
Harder Kulm
If Interlaken had king or queen then they would surely reside at Harder Kulm. Reason being from the viewing platform at 1,322 meters above sea level he could graciously look at the beautiful and stunning landscapes without any exceptions. But you don’t need to be a king or queen in order to visit it, just take a seat in cable car and ascend Interlaken’s own mountain. 
Trummelbach Waterfall
 The Trummelbach Waterfalls are the world’s only glacier waterfalls that are accessible undergrounds by lift, galleries, tunnels, path, and platforms. This waterfall is a part of Lauterbrunnen Valley’s 72 waterfalls. It also facilitates which includes a small souvenir shop and a self service restaurant with a scenic terrace also which throws amazing views. There are incomparable mountain vistas to enjoy, and leisurely cruises which will surely leave you awe-strucked. 
PleasureBoat CruiseResize1280 x 780.jpg
Lake Thun near Interlaken and Bern is one of the best lakes for enjoying cruise boat excursions in Switzerland. Pleasure cruises on Lake Thun easily unite with excursions. Cruising the full length of Lake Thun and i.e. from Thun to Interlaken West just takes over two hours. This could be experienced year around destination.
CruisingResize1280 x 780.jpg
Lake Boat cruise on the Brinzersee between Interlaken and Bern with marvelous views of Alps and easy access to many sights.  Cruising here is possible on Lake Brienz from early April to late October. The beauty of this area is magical; enjoy premier vistas to the surrounding mountains, forested hills and waterfalls.


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Happy Travellers

It Was A Demonstration Of True Flamingo Spirit!
It Was A Demonstration Of True Flamingo Spirit!

It Was A Demonstration Of True Flamingo Spirit!

I would like to share my experience of 'Eureka Europe' - Flamingo Travels! This travel story of mine happened at approx 3200 meters on Mt Titlis, Switzerland. By narrating this story I am trying to introduce you to the true Flamingo spirit! Our trip was indeed memorable because it was our honeymoon! Flamingo is the best in business because they know to touch hearts and being our honeymoon, they made sure that we get an extra night in Paris. We arrived a day early to Paris and got time to explore the city of love! We couldn't ask for more! After Paris and a few other wonderful destinations, we arrived in Switzerland. Our third day at Switzerland was planned for Mt Titles. Being a very beautiful place, Mt. Titlis experiences a heavy rush of tourist every day. Mr. Kiran Patel being our guide was very supportive of his approach and guiding us throughout the trip! Kiran Bhai instructed us really well about the situations in advance, so we all members were ready on time in the morning. We reached on the mountain earlier than other tours and we enjoyed the great weather and exciting snow activities without any rush. Our lunch was scheduled for 12:30 pm at the first base of Mt. Titlis, at the restaurant named as Trubsee. All members were supposed to reach there by the time. Now comes the tricky part! On the top of the mountain, there is a very popular PhotoStudio(www.phototitlis.ch) which dresses up the tourists in a traditional way and clicks a very beautiful photo for a souvenir. As it was our honeymoon, we thought to have a memorable photo for ourselves as well. It was already 11:30 so I told Kiran Bhai to leave for the lunch as we will come down ourselves after photo shoot to join everyone by the lunchtime. He agreed and all our tour members started leaving by 360° ropeway. But there was a trouble! It was almost 12:30 and we still were in a que. I called Kiran Bhai and make him aware of the situation. He told me to be calm and continue with the shoot as lunch is not yet started. It's about 12:50 and still, we were in a queue. Lunch was about to finish downstairs. There were other tourists in the queue with us. As the time passes by, many of their respective tour guides started internal arguments regarding time issues with the passengers. Their tour guides were blaming the passengers for being late and literally forcing them to leave the queue and skip the photo shoot, or else no one will be responsible if they miss the tour. It was surprising and strange for us. We were feeling fortunate as our tour guide was being very supportive. It was about 1:00 now, we were getting panic and thought of leaving the queue as it was a time to leave for a bus. I called Kiran Bhai again to start leaving or the ground as we will skip the lunch and join all directly on the bus. Now is the beautiful part. Kiran Bhai literally convinced us that it is absolutely fine that we would be late, as all other passengers were aware of the situation and they told Kiran Bhai that they would wait for us. It was so overwhelming for us! We finished shoot around 1:30 pm, one hour late! We rushed to the ropeway and reached Trubsee at 1:45. Everyone along with Kiran Bhai was happily waiting for us. They all made sure that we do not skip the delicious Pavbhaji of Trubsee. As we started having lunch, co-passengers started leaving for the ground. Mr. Kiran Bhai was waiting especially for us and he came down with us. We had a very good photo memory which we shared with everyone. It was family like feeling which words can't describe. We were truly blessed to have such family-like co-passengers and a guide! It was a demonstration of true Flamingo spirit!
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