History & Culture in Thailand

Siam, as Thailand was officially called until 1939, was ruled by monarchy until a revolution stirred in 1932. Since that time, Thailand has been a constitutional monarchy. Political authority, however, has often been held by the military through coups. 

The country is a vivid centre of Buddhist belief – often colorful and omnipresent. Important to national identity, Theravada Buddhism is the national. Golden temples and Buddha statues are dotted across both rural and urban landscapes. Much like India, sacred cloth is wrapped around banyan trees, small temples and shrines hold a special place in small homes as well as big malls. Meditation retreats and holy festivals make Thailand culturally vibrant and inviting.

When it comes to food, Thai cuisine is adored around the world. The national menu comprises warm and refreshing Thai dishes that use fresh and local produce like extremely spicy chilies and varied food options. Go on an eating tour – target noodle shacks, local food pavilions and Burmese market stalls. Rice is a staple part of the cuisine in Thailand, particularly jasmine rice which is eaten with almost every meal.

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