Geography in Phuket

Phuket is Thailand's biggest island (360 sq mi/930 sq km—about the measure of Singapore) is the pearl of the Andaman Sea, and is the second-littlest territory of Thailand. The island's length, from north to south, is 48 kilometers (30 mi) and its width is 21 kilometers (13 mi). 

The mountains of Phuket frame the southern end of the Phuket Mountain go, which ranges for 440 kilometers (270 mi) from the Kra Isthmus. The most astounding height of the island is normally viewed as Khao Mai Thao Sip Song (Twelve Canes), at 529 meters (1,736 ft) above ocean level. 

Phuket incorporates a few distant islands: Ko Lone, Ko Maprao, Ko Naka Yai, Ko Racha Noi, Ko Racha Yai, and the second greatest, Ko Sire. The Similan Islands deceive the northwest, and the Phi Islands which are a piece of Krabi Province, toward the southeast. 

The west shore of the island has various prevalent sandy shorelines. The most mainstream is Patong Beach on the focal west drift.

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