Dream World - Bangkok Disneyland

A trip to the Dream World theme park is an entertaining, fun-filled day for families in Bangkok. As the name suggests, children's imaginations become reality - they can make or build snow angels in Snow Land, ride a rollercoaster on Space Mountain and meet Cinderella and Pocahontas in one day. More hair-raising rides include old favourites such as Space Mountain, a rollercoaster that zips along with the pitch dungeon and Viking ship. One of the park's most popular rides is the iconic Sky Coaster, a fairly modern roller coaster that twists and rolls independently of its safely rigid seat as a pendant to the passenger's feet, and Super Splash, which allows riders Wants to give a fresh bath (whether they want it or not). There are many shows throughout the day, such as animal shows and stunt shows. In the afternoon, a lively street parade runs across the entire area of the park. This is the highlight of a day at Dream World. There is an endless stream of famous characters, beautiful mascots, and clowns dancing in their own way.

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