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East Europe

Introducing Istanbul

Turkey is a country where Asia meets Europe and many cultures combine – its capital city Istanbul is, in turn, the best place to experience this combination. The continents not only meet here but get linked via the legendary Silk Road. This cultural diversity is Istanbul’s most humble offering – it is not only apparent in the monuments and buildings but also in its cuisine, the arts and people. It is a city that not only caresses or wakes up your senses but heightens them with delicious food and drinks, vibrant bazaars (markets), traditional Turkish Bathhouses and spirited people. The city’s skyline is worth ogling at for hours – the stunning domes and minarets, medieval towers and modern buildings coexist, much as the ancient and contemporary worlds do in the heart of the city, casting an oriental charm. Enjoy Turkish breakfast, ride the blue waters in ferries, spend time at Hagia Sophia, wander without a plan in mind in the narrow streets and pay a visit to one of the modern galleries. 


Must know facts

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Istanbul is a huge area with different sub-climates in the same city. The coastal areas experience a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers – making the beaches of Marmara pop...
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History & culture
In a nutshell, present day Istanbul was ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Venetians and finally the Ottomans, who stayed. In the many historical monuments that adorn the city, one can see the churches and ...
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Of all things that are special in Istanbul, the most special is its strategic location, very important even in the commercial sense. It is a bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia, two very ...
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