Witness The Vibrant Theyyam Festival

Theyyam is a terrific move celebration in Kerala is praised numerous districts of the state including Kasargod. It is considered as the Dance of Gods since it is performed to respect the saints and familial spirits. It is supposed to be custom move in Kerala and is otherwise called Kaliyattam and fuses a move, music and emulate. It goes back to Dravidian age and it is supposed to be the piece of old ancestral culture of Kerala. It is different from other dance forms due to its unique style, makeup, costumes, songs, choreography etc. Theyyam exhibitions incorporate the legends and accounts of the numerous divine beings and heavenly spirits in Kerala folklore, and its entertainers are watchful and focused on guarding the immaculateness of the artistic expression and safeguarding its ceremonial legacy.Witness this vibrant dance performance on your trip to Kerala.

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