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Introducing Kerala

Situated in southern India, Kerala is packed with significant vacation spots set against staggering backgrounds. It is home to amazingly delightful tea and espresso estates in bumpy regions just as thick woods. There are additionally zest nurseries and paddy handle that add to the lavish green scene, politeness of substantial precipitation in the state. With around 600 kms of coastline, impressive backwaters and radiant sea shores, it is a heaven for nature sweethearts where one can truly appreciate being laid back and absorb the surroundings. You can choose to have a leisurely holiday and get some exotic hotel deals with Flamingo Transworld. Kerala makes for incredible objective to encounter open air exercises and water wearing chances – visiting public parks, living in houseboats, paddling, kayaking, swimming, climbing, biking and more. Kerala has rich architecture, social and culinary legacy.

One of Kerala's primary highlights is the coast with its sandy shorelines, which is unmistakably bound to get daylight and is less damp than inland areas. In contrast to most zones of India, Kerala gets away from the scorching atmospheres because of the lovely and invigorating Arabian Sea breeze. This outcomes in the Kerala shorelines being an ideal winter sun get-away goal and a prominent spot for outdoor exercises and water sports throughout the entire year. 

culture of Kerala has a rich social legacy. Its various cultures are affected by three fundamental religions Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. The dance is a lovely mixing of color, dance, music, show, and articulations. As it were, a ton of the popularity that the state has received is fundamentally because of the fame of this dance form. Witness the serenity of the state with our Kerala Tour Packages.

Top cities of Kerala


Best places to visit in Kerala:

  1. Alleppey
  2. Munnar 
  3. Kumarakom 
  4. Wayanad 
  5. Thekaddy 
  6. Kundala Lake 
  7. St. Francis Church 
  8. Chinese fishing Nets 

Best things to do in Kerala: 

  1. Stay at houseboats in Alleppey 
  2. Watch Kathakali dance performance
  3. Explore Kumarakom Beach 
  4. Go for a unique tribal heritage walk in Thekkady 
  5. Witness the vibrant Theyyam Festival 
  6. Rejuvenate yourself in Spas, Massages and Ayurvedic Treatments 
  7. Marvel the enchanting Athirapally falls 
  8. Go for Periyar Jungle Safari and many more

Must know facts

Best time to visit
Lined by the Western Ghats and the ocean, Kerala appreciates an equable atmosphere notwithstanding being near the equator. It is a tropical state favored with a wonderful environment consistently, mak...
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History & culture
Kerala is first referenced (as Keralaputra) in a third century-BCE shake inscription left by the Mauryan ruler Ashoka. In the only remaining hundreds of years BCE this district became well known among...
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The state of Kerala lies somewhere in the range of 8.2" and 12.8" north scopes and 74.8" and 77.5" east longitudes. Kerala has a region of 38,864 Km2 speaking to 1 .l 8% of the complete region of Indi...
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