Best time to visit in Jaisalmer

October to March is the best time to visit Jaisalmer. The weather during this time is pleasant and breezy and the best time to enjoy the colorful sandy terrain. Situated in the heart of Thar Desert, the summers are extremely dry and hot and must be avoided. The heat will definitely take a toll on your body and you will not be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The monsoon season is also a good time to travel to Jaisalmer. During this time you might get a glimpse of some greenery growing on the arid turf. Jaisalmer is a colorful and vibrant place with an even more beautiful culture that should be a must visit.

Jaisalmer in winter (November- February) :

Winters are the best time to be here. Temperatures range from 5 to 24 degrees Celsius during the day and drops to 7 degrees at night. This is the ideal time to get a flavor of this magical place by exploring the streets and the different monuments, the weather also makes it easier to explore the grand palaces which are splendidly built using yellow sandstone and the temples that have intricate carvings.

This is likewise the ideal opportunity to appreciate on the sandy territory of the Thar Desert enjoying some winter exercises like the camel ride and Desert safari. The blustery climate makes these exercises significantly increasingly pleasurable. A desert festival is also organized in Jaisalmer in the month of January, during which the whole place is filled with colours and festivities. 

Jaisalmer in Monsoon (September-October) :

Monsoons in Jaisalmer keep going from September to October, seeing almost no or no precipitation. Temperatures extend between 19 to 33 degree Celsius. The weather is warm and pleasant; however, the entire place gets unbearable with humidity. The monsoon season comes as reliefs after the scorching hear of the summer season, which in turn helps reduce the excessive heat in the atmosphere. After the rain, the sandy terrain of the Thar Desert is wrapped in budding lush green plants. If you wish to take a trip during the monsoon season, you are sure to enjoy the lively and vibrant weather after the rains. You would easily be able to explore and be awed by the beauty of the various splendid forts, palaces and pristine temples. A walk in the vibrant markets in Jaisalmer will be a real delight. 

Jaisalmer in summer (March- August) :

Summers is Jaisalmer can be very harsh and extremely hot due to its proximity to the Thar Desert. The midyear season starts from the period of April and proceeds till the long stretch of August with temperature going up to 42°C.The scorching heat will prove to be a hindrance to your trip as you wouldn't be able to walk and explore Jaisalmer without feeling tired and dehydrated. 

If you can't bear the heat and if you're looking for some exciting activities like camel riding and desert safari then summers are not considered to be quite a favorable time for you to visit. However, if you wish to stay indoors during the day and laze around at night, you can plan a trip in summer as the nights are much cooler.

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