Geography in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is among the largest districts in the state of Rajasthan. And as per the geography of Jodhpur it is centrally situated in the western region of the state, and covers a total geographical area of 22850 Sq. kilometers Jodhpur district lies between 26 degrees 0 minutes and 27 degrees 37 minutes north latitude and 72 degrees 55 minutes and 73 degrees 52 minutes east longitude. It is bounded by Nagaur in the east, Jaisalmer in the west, Bikaner in the north and Barmer and Pali in the South. The complete length of the locale from north to south is around 197 Kms and from east to west it is around 208 Kms. The region of Jodhpur lies at a tallness of 250-300 meters above ocean level.

The dirt of the region is characterized essentially as sandy and loamy. Bajra (pearl millet) is the significant harvest in the Kharif season. Jodhpur has fantastic ground water in numerous pieces of the locale. In Rabi, wheat, pulses and a variety of spices like jeera, dhania and red chilli are also grown. Jodhpur is well known for its red chilli, onion and garlic. It is one of the major production centers for Guar. The major and important minerals of the district are sandstone and limestone. Fawn and red shaded sandstone of the locale is well known and found in abundance. Besides this, building stones, stone slabs and flagstones are mined in the district on a regular basis. Minerals like quartz and clays of various colours and dolomite are also available in the district.

Due to the dry atmosphere, a fairly immaterial level of the complete announcing region for the land use in the region is secured by backwoods. Because of sandy soil just clean and prickly hedges of vegetation are found in the timberland zones of the locale. The primary types of trees are Kumat, Kair, Khejri, Babul, Bir, Jal khara, Pilu and so forth. Natural product bearing trees are pomegranates and guavas. The fauna of the region incorporates jackal, Jungle Cat, Indian Fox, Black Buck, Chinkara, regular rabbit, and so on. The feathered creatures ordinarily discovered are Baya, koyal, parrot, Vulture, Jungle Crow, bulbul, House Sparrow, Kite, Sand Grouse, Common quail, dim partridge, little egrit, and so on.

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