Best time to visit in Pushkar

The weather of Pushkar is typically dry with the nights being cool and days being significantly hotter. This is intermittent rainfall since this is a desert region and visiting in each season will expose you to different aspects of the city. Hence, the summers and monsoons in Pushkar can often be scorching and unbearable. This makes winter (Nov-Feb) the best time to visit Pushkar.

Winter in Pushkar (November - February)
With an onslaught of the winter season comes the range of tourists pouring into this old, religious town. As Pushkar is located in Rajasthan, much like the state, the town’s weather is synonymous to the heat waves. Due to this, Pushkar’s only respite from the heat comes in the winter months of October to March. During this time the climate in Pushkar is generally cooler, and the temperatures go from 8 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius, which is the most reduced that the town finds in the whole year. Evenings deliver the cooler temperatures, and this makes for ideal conditions for touring and visiting the various sanctuaries in the city.

Novembers in Pushkar is also awfully crowded due to the famous Camel Fair which takes place in the town. The fair is known for not only its celebration of Camels and variety of shows but also as an important trade fair. During this time, a few markets meet up to exchange their products be it flavors or dress. Typical fair games, shows and other cultural activities are also displayed and open for all to enjoy. Hence, we can say that it is the good time to visit Pushkar.

Pushkar in Monsoon (July - September)
The monsoons in Pushkar are quite similar to the summers with regard to the average temperature which is steadily high. The weather during the months of July to September is way too humid and scorching for sightseeing hence making it a less ideal time for visitors and travelers who wish to get most out of their trip from this beautiful town. Since this is an off-season and there are just intermittent showers, this time is perfect for budget travelers.

Pushkar in summer (March - June)
Summers in Pushkar lasts from March to June and the days are sweltering and dry, which makes it the least ideal season to visit. The weather is almost always dry and relentlessly hot with temperatures rising to 45-degree Celsius which means that you need to take proper precautions to avoid sunburn and dehydration.

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