Geography in Pushkar

Pushkar city has developed around Lake Pushkar and falls in Ajmer District of Rajasthan. As per the geography of Pushkar the Aravalli ranges, the oldest mountain ranges of India surround it from all sides. The Nag Parbat or Nag Ranges of Aravalli Hills separate Pushkar Lake from Ajmer City. The city of Pushkar is situated 650-856 meters. And Pushkar valley is formed between the ranges of Aravalli Hills.

The soil and topography in the catchment are predominantly sandy with very low water retention capacity. The land use pattern in the Pushkar valley that drains into the lake comprises of 30% of the area under shifting sand dunes, 30%under hills and streams and 40% of the area is agricultural. The city is agriculturally unfit and main livelihood source is tourism.

The region experiences semi- arid climatic conditions with dry and hot summers and cool winters. Extreme temperatures are daily events for any desert. The summer months of May and June are the hottest, with a maximum temperature of around 46 degree. But during the months of winter the temperature is 25-10 degree and the entire region gets rainfalls from southeast monsoons.

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