History & Culture in Pushkar

Kalidas, the renowned poet of ancient times praised the city of Pushkar in the classic Abhihyan Sakuntalam. One of the sacred towns, Pushkar represents to the Hindu method of life. It is located to the northwest of Ajmer in Rajasthan at a height of 510 meters. Socially and generally rich, Pushkar brags of a rich inheritance of structural legacy moreover. The history of Pushkar is indeed captivating as it is believed that Pushkar floated to the surface when Brahma dropped a lotus flower on earth. The city of Pushkar is significantly associated with a few popular sacred places in India, Brahma temple being one of the major ones. Along with that, rows of sacred ghats can be seen along the beautiful lake, hence offering a mesmerizing view.

Pushkar is one of the India’s oldest existing cities and the name Pushkar means ‘blue lotus flower’ in Sanskrit where “Pushpa” means flower and “Kar” means hand. According to the legends a swan was released by the gods with a lotus held in its beak in this region the swan let the lotus fall to the earth and Pushkar is where it fell. The lotus bloom fell on three pieces of the city, Jyaistha, Adhya, and Kanistha Pushkar. It is said that the Hindu God Brahma, while scanning for a hallowed site, happened upon Pushkar, where he played out a holy custom to shield the city from devils.

The city is also associated with the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, both scriptures of imminent importance in the Hindu religion. Under Mughal rule, Pushkar was favored by many emperors as a residential site. But after India came under the British rule, Pushkar was one of the few cities that were ruled directly by the British.


People of Pushkar are friendly, warm and sociable. The vibrancy of Pushkar is reflected in the lives of its people. The culture of Pushkar is best seen during the Pushkar fair. The small town of Pushkar becomes vibrant and colorful. The people, sadhus, shops, the food the whole ambience becomes an epitome of Pushkar culture. Camel races and games are organized during the fair. The people of Pushkar dress in colorful clothes adding another dimension to the fair. The men dress in dhoti, kurta and large turbans. Women’s clothes consist of Ghaghara, choli which is a type of blouse.

During the reasonable there are a horde of expressions and specialties shows where nearby dealers show their products, at an occasion called Shilpgram. And some Folk dances from Rajasthan are popular around the country and the music of Rajasthan is pretty popular, and the locals in Pushkar love the traditional dance and music forms too. People in Pushkar celebrate every single significant celebration with cheerfulness and party. The cuisine of Pushkar is largely vegetarian with famous dishes like poha and malpua a frequent inclusion in their everyday meals. It is all worth experience on Pushkar tour.

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