Indulge in shopping at Kote Gate

Offering a look at the brilliant structural work in the city, Kote Gate is the principle entrance of Bikaner. This overwhelming structure is a case of fine imaginativeness of the specialists having a place with the bygone days. Kote Gate isolates the old city and the new city of Bikaner, standing tall amidst the street. While on one side is the cutting edge city, the opposite side of the entryway has shocking chateaus (havellis), which are engineering perfect works of art. 

One of the most popular activities near Kote gate is to indulge in shopping in the local bazaar, which is situated close it. You can get your hands on some astounding stuff in this market. Alluring choices are offered in plenitude. Things you should purchase from here incorporate adornments produced using camel stow away and open-toed shoes, generally worn by men. Different things that you can get here are smaller than usual depictions, utensils, painstaking work, Khadi things like kurtas, wooden carvings and that's only the tip of the iceberg. What's more, when you get worn out, there are different eating joint moving strengths like Bikaneri desserts, Bikaneri bhujiya, tea produced using camel's milk and so on.

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