Things To Do in Sikkim

There is a wealth of exciting things to do in Sikkim, guaranteeing every visitor has a great experience. Explore historic monasteries, participate in adventure sports, attend vibrant festivals, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this beautiful region. Numerous tourist activities in Sikkim will suit your interests and help you make lifelong memories, whether you are looking for peace or adventure.

Trek to the Beautiful Green Lake In Sikkim

Set out on a captivating trip to Green Lake Sikkim, a hidden jewel set within the pristine Himalayan Mountains. At a height of 15,000 feet, Green Lake is a sight to see as its green waters mirror the nearby snow-capped peaks in crystal-clear clarity. Nature lovers will experience a thrilling trip on this trek as they pass through beautiful alpine forests, valleys flowering with rhododendrons, and rocky terrain. Although it is a difficult task, trekking at Green Lake is an activity to experience among the other things to do in Sikkim. Along with admiring the lake's amazing beauty, hikers can enjoy camping, birdwatching, and taking lovely pictures.

Enjoy Mask Dance At Lachung Monastery, Sikkim

Experience Sikkim's rich cultural legacy firsthand by taking in the stunning mask dance at Lachung Monastery. It is well-known as a Buddhist sacred site. This old monastery, tucked in the lovely village of Lachung, represents the region's rich traditions. Apart from the Mask dance, there are numerous things to do at Lachung Monastery. Experience the Buddhist cultural rituals, enjoy the pristine mountains, and explore the apple orchards. It is a great place to enjoy the tranquility of the monastery, meet the monks, and discover the surrounding beauty.

Go For A Yak Safari On Your Sikkim Tour

Yak Safari in Sikkim is one of the unusual experiences you have while visiting different tourist attractions in Sikkim. This thrilling adventure allows you to ride around the gorgeous landscapes of Sikkim atop majestic yaks, which are famous for their strength and peaceful behavior. One of the most famous yak safari spots is near the breathtaking Tsomgo Lake. As you explore the surrounding scenery, take in the panoramic views, the clean mountain air, and the rhythmic sway of the yak's gait. A yak safari during your Sikkim holiday is a different way to immerse yourself in beautiful nature.

Discover The Ban Jakhri Falls In Sikkim

Discover one of the famous waterfalls in Sikkim, the Ban Jakhri Falls. Banjhakri Falls are formed naturally by springs. The cascading waters will greet you as you get closer to the falls, tumbling down from a tremendous height and producing an amazing scene. The surrounding area is filled with bright flora, which adds to the scenic allure. Ban Jakhri Falls has a peaceful atmosphere that is ideal for nature lovers and photographers. A day at Ban Jhakri waterfalls is one of the best experiences amongst the other tourist attractions in Sikkim.

Visit the Thangu Lake When In Sikkim

When in Sikkim, don't miss seeing the magnificent Thangu Lake. This pristine lake, set among the gorgeous mountains, is a true regional treasure. Thangu Lake presents a stunning scene with its crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding snow-capped peaks. There are numerous things to do in Sikkim, but visiting this lake is one of the most memorable. Enjoy a picnic in the middle of the woods, stroll down the shore, or just take in the serenity. This lake in Sikkim is a must-see location for nature lovers and provides a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Explore Monasteries: Embrace The Charm Of Sikkim

Discover the spiritual and cultural diversity by visiting the Buddhist monasteries of Sikkim. Sikkim is home to several famous monasteries in India, each with its distinct charm. Learn about the exquisite architecture, colorful prayer flags, and ornate murals at these sacred sites. Engage in the peaceful ambiance as the monks perform their daily rituals, fostering a feeling of calm and mindfulness. Aside from the spiritual experience, visiting these monasteries offers a glimpse into Sikkim's rich legacy and traditions. One of the most vital things to do in Sikkim while touring with our Sikkim tour packages is to visit these Buddhist monasteries.

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