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The popularity of Switzerland began with Bollywood movies, but over the years, it has become the most desired among international travelers. Switzerland Tourism strives to serve the best to promote this European country. Switzerland tour packages from India are gaining popularity in the last few decades. The things that come to your mind when you think of Switzerland are the Swiss Alps, lush greenery, pristine lakes, cheese, cowbells, glaciers, chocolates, watches, and so much more. All these things make Switzerland a definite on the travel bucket list of most tourists.

Flamingo Travels offers the best Switzerland tour packages - that allow you to experience this magical wonderland. Switzerland is a country full of surprises whether you are an adrenaline addict or wish to experience the peace of nature. Opt for our Switzerland tour packages from Ahmedabad – you can pick a Switzerland group tour package or a customized tour package. Our travel experts will create a Switzerland itinerary based on your priorities, timeline, and budget. We offer comprehensive packages that include comfortable hotels, rail passes for unlimited train travel, sightseeing, and transfers. Some highlights of our tours are cruising Lake Lucerne, riding cable cars for stunning mountain views, exploring medieval towns like Lucerne and Bern, going on a Swiss chocolate factory tour, visiting Mount Titlis and Jungfraujoch, and sampling cheese and wine.

We offer group tours with excellent inclusions like best stay options, Indian meals, all the must-see places, the company of like-minded people, and more. Our customized Switzerland tour packages consider all your preferences and create the best itinerary as per your choices. Our Switzerland tour packages from Mumbai and other major cities ensure an outstanding tour experience. Trust Flamingo Travels to create your dream itinerary and take care of every detail, allowing you to simply soak in the magic of Switzerland.

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  • Things to do in Switzerland trip
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  • Foods to eat in Switzerland
  • Shopping in Switzerland
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  • Switzerland Tour Packages



    Switzerland Engelberg Apartment with Swiss Pass

    7 Nights / 8 Days

    ₹ 69,840 Onwards

    Scintillating Swiss Paris With Rail Pass

    10 Nights / 11 Days

    ₹ 1,00,000 Onwards

    Best of Switzerland Paris and Austria (Hotel Stay)

    14 Nights / 15 Days

    ₹ 1,82,000 Onwards

    Swiss Interlaken Apartment Stay with Swiss Pass

    7 Nights / 8 Days

    ₹ 67,680 Onwards

    Swiss Apartment Stay with Italy By Rail

    12 Nights / 13 Days

    ₹ 1,19,680 Onwards

    How to reach Switzerland

    The most convenient way to reach Switzerland from India is by airways. There are numerous flight options connecting between these two countries. Most flights flying to Switzerland from India have at least one stop. Popular airlines are Air India, Etihad, Air France, Lufthansa, Swiss Air and others. Depending on the airline you choose, the stopover can be in any European city like Paris, Milan, London, Dubai, Istanbul, etc. You can also opt for direct flights to Switzerland from Mumbai and New Delhi. However, the cost of direct flights is more than connecting flights. The most popular airport is Zurich, which receives a majority of international flights. Other popular Swiss airports are Bern Airport, Basel Airport, and Geneva Airport. While planning to travel to Switzerland – get in touch with our flight experts to avail the best Switzerland tour package price from India.

    Get Your Switzerland Visa with Flamingo Travels

    To fulfill your dream of visiting this magical country, you will need a Schengen Visa for Switzerland. A Schengen Visa is a visa that allows you to travel to numerous countries in Europe. This visa is also valid for your travel to Switzerland. You can avail of this visa with the expert guidance of our Visa consultants at Flamingo Travels. Leave this formal paperwork and intricacies for our visa team to manage. They work on Switzerland Visa for Indians requirements based on the guidelines set by the Switzerland Embassy/Consulate in India. The processing time for a tourist visa is around 15 days. The validity of a Switzerland Visa for Indians – Schengen Visa is 90 days. This entry permit is necessary with your Switzerland trip package.

    Places to visit in Switzerland

    With its rich culture, postcard-perfect scenery, delicious cuisines, and outdoor adventures, there are numerous places to visit in Switzerland. This magical country features serene lakes, glacier-carved Alps, stunning cities, iconic mountain trains, and cheese and chocolate factories. Discover iconic destinations like the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, and the charming city of Zurich, all with affordable Switzerland tour package prices. We have compiled some popular Switzerland tourist places that you will fall in love with and these are as follows.

    Chateau de Chillon

    If you are into castles, then you will love Chateau De Chillon in Montreux. Situated by Lake Geneva, Chateau de Chillon is an ancient castle filled with history. It is four centuries old. It is one of the most frequently visited historic buildings in Switzerland. The castle features twenty-five buildings and three courtyards. Roam through the halls with centuries of stories and enjoy the charming courtyards. Chillon is a captivating glimpse into the country’s past, inviting you to step into its magical world by the lakeside.

    Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva is one of the primary tourist attractions of Switzerland. This crescent-shaped lake is on the French-Swiss border. The lake features crystal clear waters against the backdrop of majestic Alps. Opt for a scenic lake cruise, visit the nearby wine regions, or explore beautiful towns like Lausanne or Montreux along its shores. Where picturesque views seamlessly blend with Swiss culture and history, Lake Geneva never fades to charm tourists. Experience the romantic charm of Lake Geneva with Switzerland Tour packages for couples. Stroll along the lakeside promenades, enjoy scenic boat cruises, and enjoy intimate moments against the backdrop of the majestic Swiss Alps.

    The Albula/Bernina Railway

    While this is not a place per se, it deserves a mention because the Bernina Express route provides one of the best views of the unmatched beauty of Switzerland. It has a place on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site list. This spectacular train ride passes through charming villages, channeling through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges. The journey serves jaw-dropping views of icy glaciers, lush green valleys, and snow-covered mountain peaks. Taking this train ride is the perfect way to discover the fascinating landscape of this region. Travel in style on the Albula /Bernina Railway with our best Switzerland luxury tour packages.

    Maison Cailler

    Switzerland is famous for its chocolate, and Maison Cailler is the best place to go if you want to learn about Swiss chocolates. Satisfy your chocolate cravings at this factory. The factory offers informative tours about the entire traditional process of chocolate making. Visit the museum and learn about the history of chocolate making and its founders. After learning about the manufacturing process, indulge in tasting delicious chocolates at the onsite boutique. This factory visit will be a learning and fun activity for all ages. A visit to this delicious factory is a must, with your Switzerland family tour packages.


    Set at the foot of the Jungfrau mountains between the two lakes, Interlaken is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. This resort town is the best base camp to canyon down waterfalls, skydive over the Alps, paraglide over azure lakes, and hike to view the beautiful glaciers. With its charming chalet-style buildings, world-class facilities, and easy access to adventurous fun, the scenic wonders of Interlaken will take over your senses. Discover the beauty of Interlaken without worrying about expenses with our Switzerland budget tour packages. Explore Interlaken without worrying about the cost, enjoying its stunning natural beauty, thrilling outdoor activities, and charming atmosphere within your budget.

    Swiss National Park

    Swiss National Park is the only national park in Switzerland and is worth a visit; because you will see Switzerland in a new light. The national park sprawls over 170 square kilometers. The nearest city to this park is Zernez. You can board a train from St. Moritz or Zurich for Zernez. Once you reach Zernez, take a bus that will take you directly to the park. Enjoy the crystal-clear streams, alpine meadows blanketed in wildflowers, and hiking trails. You can see marmots, golden eagles, and ibexes in the national park. Create customized Switzerland tour packages, including this ecological treasure in the southeastern Alps.

    Rhine Falls

    The Rhine Falls are a feast to the eye. They are the largest waterfalls in Europe, and thousands of tourists visit them. With a height of 23 meters and a width of 150 meters, it is a natural wonder worth witnessing. A short train ride from Zurich, and you will reach this stunning landmark. View this thundering cascade from different viewing platforms or hike down to reach the center of the falls for mesmerizing views. You can sit on a deck or take a boat trip to the base of the falls if you are an ultimate adventure seeker. With rainbows glimmering in the mist, the roaring Rhine Falls are a must-see. These iconic Rhine Falls are an integral part of most Switzerland tour packages.

    Things to do in Switzerland.

    Switzerland is a paradise of natural beauty. It offers a myriad of activities for each age group. Indulge in delicious Swiss cuisine, explore the picturesque landscapes, and stroll through the charming towns. Whether you wish to savor Swiss chocolate, cruise on the stunning lakes, or ski in the Alps, something is fascinating for everyone in this magical country. Add the activities or experiences you like to your Switzerland holiday package.

    Sky dining in Weggis

    Do you like to dine with breathtaking views surrounding them? If you want some unique culinary adventure on a Switzerland trip, this is an activity not to be missed. Take the cogwheel train up to the restaurant, at 1,800m overlooking tranquil Lake Lucerne surrounded by peaks. Sky dining in Weggis is an aerial cable car from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad. It is a beautiful dining place to enjoy the enchanting scenery below as you have meals with your loved ones. Indulge in Sky dining in Weggis with our exclusive Switzerland luxury tour packages. Experience gourmet meals with breathtaking views!

    Hiking in the Swiss Alps

    With its towering snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows, icy glaciers, and alpine lakes, the Swiss Alps beg to be explored. The Swiss Alps have some of the best-supported hiking trails in the world, so it's worth a shot. Hiking in the Swiss Alps is an experience not to be missed. Choose from many trails suited for all levels, each one offering stunning views of snow-capped peaks and alpine meadows. Climb the Klein Matterhorn peak for beautiful vistas of the Matterhorn. Wear proper gear and follow marked trails for a safe journey. Immerse in the splendor of these majestic mountains with our Switzerland adventure tours. Some popular hiking trails in Switzerland are:

    • Zermatt 5 Lakes Hike
    • Lake Balchap
    • The Eiger Trail
    • Gornergrat
    • Lauterbrunnental Glacial Valley
    • Aletsch Glacier Panorama Trail
    • Mount Rigi Panorama Trail

    Paddleboard in Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva is a calm lake that attracts many tourists from all over the globe. Paddleboard in Lake Geneva is one of the best and popular things to do in Switzerland. The water is calm, and the scenery around is breathtaking, making it all the more exciting. Rent a board and explore the mountainous backdrops, villas, and castles while paddleboarding on the serene lake. Paddleboarding on the scenic Lake Geneva is a unique way to experience the tranquil nature of this country with our Switzerland travel packages.

    Mountain biking in Rothorn

    Mountain biking in Rothorn is one of the fun things you can enjoy in Switzerland. You can go mountain biking from Rothorn to Zermatt. If you want to spend time in the mountain area, then mountain biking is the best way to explore the Swiss beauty. It can be challenging at first, but it will get your adrenaline pumping. With its diverse terrain and well-maintained trails, Rothorn is the best place for both seasoned bikers and beginners. Rent the best quality bikes at the best price, wear the right gear, and follow the trail guidelines. Rothorn offers an exciting mountain biking experience, making it a must-visit spot for biking enthusiasts.

    Skydiving at Interlaken

    Switzerland offers skydiving, whereby you can jump from several thousand feet. Skydiving in Switzerland is best for the adventure lovers out there. While skydiving, you will get the most incredible views from above; lush valleys, snowcapped Alps, and clear glistening lakes. Certified instructors guide you through the experience, ensuring safety and exhilaration. Choose from various jump altitudes based on your comfort level. Capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment with professional photos and videos available. Conveniently located drop zones and reliable transport options make Interlaken a prime skydiving destination. It is truly a marvel to behold and an adventurous tourist attraction in Switzerland.

    La Maison du Gruyere

    Switzerland is famous for its variety of cheeses. If you want to know about Gruyere cheese – a famous Switzerland cheese and how it is made; then you should visit La Maison du Gruyere. It is simply informative and one of the best cheese tours in Switzerland. You will be able to see the various stages of cheese production. Learn about traditional cheese making through interactive and sensory displays showing its history, production process, and ageing cellars. The best part is that the exhibition is interactive. It is a fun-filled family activity. Explore the picturesque surroundings and indulge in authentic Swiss flavors. Experience the delicious world of cheese-making at La Maison du Gruyere with Switzerland tour packages for family, where you can enjoy interactive exhibits and tastings that both adults and kids will love.

    Sledging in Grindelwald

    Sledging in Grindelwald is a super-fun activity to enjoy with your family, while in Switzerland. Nestled in the Bernese Oberland, this winter wonderland offers thrilling sledging options for all. Grindelwald is full of paradise-like beauty. Explore the snow-covered slopes on a traditional wooden sledge for an iconic Swiss winter experience in the Bernese Alps resort town of Grindelwald. There are various types of sledges to choose from while trying different activities with our Switzerland tour packages for a family. Just wear your warmest layers, rent a toboggan, and feel the wind in your hair as you race downhill!

    Best time to visit Switzerland

    The best time to visit Switzerland is 365 days! As it has a beautiful climate throughout the year. However, some tourist spots are closed during certain times of the year for maintenance, so it is a good idea to understand when to visit Switzerland. Think about the types of experiences that you want to have and prepare accordingly to enjoy your fantastic trip to this paradise. The weather in Switzerland differs depending on the region. Some areas experience snowfall most of the year, while others experience sunshine.

    Summer Season

    Summer in Switzerland starts in June and ends in August. The temperature of Switzerland during these months is around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. You can expect rain, especially in places such as the top of the Alps. July and August are peak tourist months. If you want to explore Switzerland on foot, then summer is the best time. Cycling and admiring the natural and mesmerizing beauty is best during the summer months in Switzerland. You explore for extended periods in peace as daylight lasts longer.

    Winter Season

    Winter in Switzerland starts from around mid-December and ends around March. It is cold at this time with shorter days. At this time of year, you can visit historic cities such as Lucerne and Bern. The Alpine areas are closed during the winter as snow covers the land. You can expect snowfall in Switzerland around January. During this period, you can go on city trips and ski. It is the best season to visit Switzerland for snow activities and to enjoy Christmas markets.

    Monsoon Season

    Switzerland does not have a monsoon season. Set in central Europe, it has a temperate climate all year round. Summers tend to have moderate rainfall. The wettest months are from May to September with June seeing the highest rainfall. However, summer showers tend to pass quickly. The Swiss plateau and southern Switzerland regions experience thunderstorms during the summer season. Always be prepared with light rain jackets or umbrellas.

    Foods to eat in Switzerland

    Experience the ultimate in Swiss luxury by indulging in creamy hot chocolate, velvety cheese fondues, and delicate chocolate pralines in various cafes across the country. Enjoy the Alpine air with traditional local dishes in cozy restaurants. Explore the delicious world of Swiss chocolate and indulge in the famous Swiss cheeses. You should not leave the country without tasting these delicacies. Swiss cuisine combines innovation and tradition, offering a treat for every palate.

    Famous Dishes of Switzerland
    • Cheese fondue
    • Rösti
    • Raclette
    • Älplermagronen
    • Swiss Chocolate
    • Tartiflette
    • Brischtner Nytlä
    • Riz Casimir
    • Zuger Kirschtorte
    • Bündner Nusstorte

    Famous Indian Restaurants in Switzerland
    • Mango Indian Restaurant
    • Bombay
    • Malabar
    • Namaste Oerlikon
    • Little Indian Restaurant.
    • Tamarind Hill Indian Restaurant
    • Hiltl
    • Bajwa palace
    • Cafe Bollywood
    • Bombay Restaurant

    Shopping in Switzerland

    Switzerland is not just about alpine charm and pristine nature - you will be surprised to have a fun shopping experience. Cities like Lucerne, Geneva, Zurich, and Interlaken have famous old town centers with shops selling luxury items, crafts, arts, and local goods. You can also explore departmental stores for tax-free shopping on select items for tourists. With its range of quintessential goods, rich heritage, and efficacy, shopping with our Switzerland tour package is indeed memorable. Things that you can buy as a souvenir from Switzerland,

    • Swiss watches
    • Wooden cow figurines
    • Swiss Cheese
    • Army knives
    • Cowbells
    • Heidi-themed items
    • Swiss chocolates
    • Appenzeller belts

    Honeymoon in Switzerland

    With its postcard-perfect scenes, Switzerland is definitely on top of the bucket list for honeymooners. Enjoy the magical alpine charm with your partner. Go for the cosy horse-drawn carriage ride, indulge in chocolate-tasting, steamy fondues, or enjoy some intimate meals overlooking snow-capped peaks. Famous honeymoon destinations like Lucerne offer an old-world charm, Interlaken to enjoy nightlife and adventure, Lake Geneva to be one with nature and your partner, unwind at the lavish resorts in St. Moritz, explore the vineyards, and more. Opt for our Switzerland honeymoon tours and create a customized itinerary based on your dreams and wishes. We will curate a personalized tour with romantic accommodations, and facilities like private Jacuzzis, infinity pools, and world-class spas. Let us help you plan a trip of a lifetime, so you can focus on your soul mate and create memories against the picturesque backdrop of Switzerland.

    Switzerland Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

    Switzerland is a dream destination for most tourists. Let travel consultants at Flamingo Travels create the most suitable Swiss tour package. Travel without any worries with our Switzerland group tour packages. With this option, we not only cover your entire booking but also escort you on the trip. We are renowned in the market for offering Indian meals on our Swiss group tours. Our tour manager assists and guides you throughout the trip. Opt for our group tours if you wish to travel with like-minded people and leave the hassles of following the itinerary on us. Alternatively, if you wish to have a holiday your way, opt for our customized Swiss tour packages. Whether you want to ski, enjoy the local wine, lake cruises, shopping, chocolate and cheese tasting, etc, you can share your wishes with our travel experts. They will create a holiday that matches your dreams. With our decades of experience, we meticulously plan each itinerary, offer on-tour support and guidance, and handle all other details so that you can soak in the magical vibe of Switzerland. Flamingo Travels is your trusted partner for all things Swiss.
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