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About Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the world’s most preferred city as it serves you with iconic skyline, lush green landscapes, protected nature where rare birds and colorful tradition thrives. It is officially known as Hong Kong special Administrative Region, and is a territory located in the Southern China Sea. And Hong Kong being Asia’s premier international city is a world- class destination. Every year millions of visitors explore Hong Kong for business and leisure. We can say that Hong Kong’s entertainment scene is healthier than ever. The increasingly busy culture calendar includes music, drama and dance hailing from plethora of traditions. Flamingo Transworld provides various tour packages from family tours to escorted Hong Kong tour packages to Hong Kong Macau Group Tours, Hong Kong cruise, Budget tours, Hong Kong City breaks and much more. Hong Kong packages have everything to cater on your plate. 

Popular Hong Kong Tour Packages

Hong Kong Tour Packages



Simply Hong Kong

3 Nights / 4 Days

₹ 48,730 Onwards

Hongkong Delights with Macau Tour

5 Nights / 6 Days

₹ 82,790 Onwards

Hong Kong With Dream Cruise

5 Nights / 6 Days

₹ 86,740 Onwards

Kids Special Disney with Hongkong & Macau

7 Nights / 8 Days

₹ 1,12,430 Onwards

Exclusive Hong Kong Shenzhen Zhuhai Chimelong & Macau

8 Nights / 9 Days

₹ 1,31,760 Onwards

Flamingo Transworld will serve you with wide range of hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants and bars, and some world class activities. For better or worse you are never alone here because Hong Kong as is densely populated. And yes, excuse them when they scrape the sky because it owns the world’s largest collection of sky scrapers. It is surely a place where bamboo and concrete jungles unite as it extends 50 storey high buildings so in that case bamboo is the safest, versatile and the most competent option. A multinational city, Hong Kong weaves Western and Asian influence into a world-class center of business, culture, and trade. It is surely a synonym to happiness and entertainment. And also allows to get intimately connected with people’s lives and forms part of their culture; its transformation reflects the changing times. You can just  cling to traditional norms, customs and practice, the local Chinese had various traditional forms of entertainment, such as dragon dances, lion dances and outdoor Chinese opera, all of which were performed to celebrate the birthdays of deities

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How to reach Hong Kong

Those considering how to go to Hong Kong from India should realize that there are regular direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Hong Kong International Airport. Corresponding flights are additionally accessible from Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. The distance from India to Hong Kong is around 3,639 kilometers.

Travelling to Hong Kong by Air:

The Hong Kong International Airport is one of the largest and the best airports in the world. It has flights to all major cities all over the world. By air, the city can be easily reached from anywhere. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, South China Airlines and several other international airlines connect Hong Kong. It is associated with the vast majority of the significant urban areas of the world, like London, New York, Delhi, Beijing, Paris, Sydney, Bangkok, and so forth through customary flights. Hong Kong International Airport is arranged on Chek Lap Kok Island and it lies 31.5 km away from the main city. 

Travelling from Hong Kong by Railways:

There are several intercity passenger trains that allow you to travel to Hong Kong from Guanzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and Zhaoqing in China. If you are coming from Shanghai or Beijing, be prepared to spend at least 20 hours on the train. Tickets can be bought at the railway station but if you are travelling at peak times, then it’s best to book ahead to ensure you get a seat. The new high-speed rail has direct trains to various destinations to and from China. 

Travelling to Hong Kong by Road:

If you are travelling to Hong Kong from China, then it’s quite easy and comfortable if you take a bus. Shenzhen is the border city and there are several bus services that allow you to come into Hong Kong. There are also bus services that connect Hong Kong with Zhuhai and Macau through the new bridge. Availing bus services in Hong Kong is very easy. There are a number of route buses available and are cheap as well. These buses cover Hong Kong Island, Lantau, long routes from Guangdong province and many more. Buses with route number starting with A are premium buses with Wifi facilities while those starting with S are shuttle buses that operate near MTR station. Other means of road transport are taxis and Tramways. Taxis are good, can be found anywhere in the city but are a bit expensive.

Travelling to Hong Kong by Sea:

If you are travelling to Hong Kong from China, then it’s quite easy and comfortable if you take a bus. Shenzhen is the border city and there are several bus services that allow you to come into Hong Kong. There are also bus services that connect Hong Kong with Zhuhai and Macau through the new bridge. The ferries in Hong Kong are the cheapest and picturesque form of transport. They operate between three major terminals: China Ferry Terminal, Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal. The wine and dine facilities in cruises and modern speed boats are prevalent among the tourists.

Places to visit in Hong Kong

Home to seven million people, 260 islands and more super-tall skyscrapers than any other city on the planet, Hong Kong is an immense destination in every sense of the world. Overwhelmed? Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing places to visit in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland 

A world brimming with charm, fun, laughter, and experience, visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong, resembles a blessing from heaven for everyone from locals and visitors. For all the delightful voyagers from all over world, Disneyland is the main spot where one's creative ability could wake up. Imagine waking up to Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. Isn’t this super amazing? Disney Land is surely a place of dream of every visitor. The park has the capacity of 34,000 visitors and considerably attracts hundreds of visitors throughout the year. The park has seven theme parks namely: Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventure land, Tomorrow land, Toy story land, and Mystic point. Explore this wonderland and let the child in you recollect your childhood. 

Lantau Island Half Day with Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Being the biggest island in Hong Kong and measuring double size of Hong Kong itself, Lantau Island is the beautiful blend of theme parks, exciting trails, hiking, historical sites and coastal shores for romantic walks and pristine beaches. It also has beautiful weather which will make your mood right. The island on the western side of the Hong Kong promontory flaunts emotional sea sees, dazzling climbing trails, pristine sea shores and beautiful towns. The perfect blend of fun, adventure and romance this Island is loved by all. All what you got to do is just pack your bags, book your tickets and explore this fun-loving place. And with all this excitement in its own this place is sure to be a hit.  Lantau Island is always ready to greet you.  Are you ready to explore it?  

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park remains the most admired theme park in Hong Kong. New rides, thrills and the presence of four giant Pandas draw the attention of all the tourists. It is full of excitement and fun which thrills people out there. Basically, Ocean Park is committed to promoting and supporting animal conservation in Hong Kong throughout Asia. It is situated on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, with an area span of more than 915,000 meters. The two major attraction areas, the Waterfront and the Summit are linked by the Cable Car and Ocean Express funicular train.  Just let the child in you enjoy and have fun here. At the Ocean Park the happiness comes as and when you will enter the park. Be a part of all the fun at this marine-life based theme park.   

Victoria Peak

The highest point on Hong Kong Island at 1,811 feet tall, this significant mountain provides 360-degree views of the city's dense skyline. But "The Peak" has much more to cater on your plate upart from just Instagrammable scenes. Enjoy the magnificent skyline of the Hong Kong city from the Victoria Peak which is the city's one of the most popular tourist attraction. Experience a sunset view from here will be magical and the sight at night is something you will never be able to forget. . Today, The Peak still has a reputation for being the city's most first class neighborhood. This is the place the city's big shots rest their heads in stylish manors, which bring a huge number of US dollars on real estate market. 

Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is surely crowd favorite destination even if it is relatively small group of island. It offers some of the best things to do in Hong Kong that will surely draw your attention. It has an amazing city life with dazzles the country. 

Discover the central street Art

Consider this to be the most “Insta-Worthy” street art and graffiti you would come across anywhere in the world. The street art on the streets of Hong Kong stretches from Wong Chuk Hang to Mong Kok. The city’s street that is filled with artistic impressions is an ode to some famous artists like Invader and Messy Desk who have turned their entire building into an art canvas.

Take a cruise around the harbour

Planning to take a cruise around the harbour in Hong Kong? It’s best advisable to be a part of the cruise tour post sunset because the beautiful panorama of the city during that time of the night looks even better when you are touring on the cruise. The total duration of the tour would be one hour at a price of 190 dollars for adults and 171 dollars for children below 12 years. 

Visit the Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is one of the top rated attractions of Hong Kong illustrating the contribution of China, Asia and the West through the ages in development of boat, ships, the maritime exploration and the naval warfare. If you are a history enthusiast, the interactive displays and exhibitions are surely going to catch your attention. 

Fall asleep under the stars at mingle’s farm

Mingle Farm is a very funky farm where you can choose to sleep not only in a foldable house, a caravan, a castle but also fall asleep under the stars. Although eating options are available outside, you can always rent a barbecue gear to make the most of this super amazing place. Outdoor activities like zorbing and trampolining are also provided by Mingle Farm.

ry Dim Sum

If there is any place in the world where you ought to try dim sums, it has to be Hong Kong. Some of the most amazing places where you would find a wide variety of dim sums include Tim Ho Wan, Sun Hing Chang, Maxim’s Palace and Duddell’s.

Experience riding the Dings Dings via Hong Kong Trams

Hong Kong Trams are one of the most affordable, convenient and pollution free way to explore Hong Kong. There are heavy discounts too, which you can avail on the trams of Hong Kong. The tram carries memories of several generations and shows you a perfect amalgamation of the old and new town. 

Best time to visit Hong Kong

When on the lookout for the best time to visit Hong Kong, you have to consider the month, weather, and peak seasons. This will help you plan a smooth holiday that lets you see more and worry less.

March to May (Spring)

During spring, Hong Kong sees temperatures ranging from lows of 17°C to highs of 26 to 29°C. The weather during this time can be a little warm but it is usually comfortable. Sometimes, if it rains, it can get a little humid. As the spring season begins in March, the weather is just oscillating between the chill of winter and welcomes the bright spring sunshine. During mornings, you might find mist wrapped around the tall buildings but usually there’s not much heavy rainfall. 

The bauhinia flowers which are Hong Kong’s symbol are in bloom everywhere. It makes for a cheerful and delightful sight indeed. And the city sees numerous exciting events during this time of the year and every day feels like a fun adventure as you explore the many attractions that the city has to offer. Outdoor destinations like Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland are quite wonderful during this time of the year. 

June to August (summer)

During summer the temperatures can go up quite a bit and there’s not much difference between the highs and the lows which often range between 27 to 31°C. Hong Kong summers tend to be a little intense and hot for those who are not used to hot weather especially. It can also be quite humid, and Hong Kong’s famous typhoons also make their appearance during this time of the year. Sunny days between high rainfalls can also bring in a welcome change of weather when you can visit the beach or rock pools and splash around.

September- November (autumn)

During autumn, the temperature is comfortable and can range from 26 to 30 °C. Hong Kong in autumn sees quite some rainfall and this result in humidity. Rains can also be a little relentless during this time and thus, even though temperatures are high, the weather is quite cool. As the brief autumn comes to an end though, the humidity also lowers, making it perfect to go sightseeing and visiting the parks.

Autumn season is quite well-known because of the mid-autumn festival which takes place during mid-September. People come together and celebrate this lovely festival with their families, bringing moon cakes and they participate in the Tai Hang Fire Dance. Many people love Hong Kong’s ability to balance the East and the West perfectly, in all aspects, whether it’s the food, clothing or culture. This is because when Halloween arrives, the city celebrates with a number of themed festivities and one in Ocean Park which is said to be quite spectacular.

December- February (winter)

The temperatures during winter in Hong Kong range between 15 to 21°C typically. In December, the weather is comfortably cool but becomes colder as January approaches. The skies are clear, and the weather stays dry with hardly any rain, making it perfect to walk around and enjoy the warm, toasty winter sunshine. In January, the weather becomes a little colder, and evenings tend to be quite chilly with cloudy skies. Rains are not completely ruled out but chances are less.

Winter is filled with festivals, both Western and Chinese and people just need an excuse to celebrate. There are throngs everywhere, as people crowd inside malls or squares where events take place. The festive mood is contagious and if you’re lucky enough to be here during the New Year on 31st December, you’ll get to see a gorgeous sight of fireworks lighting up the sky in brilliant explosions of color. To get the best views, make sure you’re at Victoria Harbour or at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre.


Frequently asked questions about Hong Kong Tour Packages

Do I need a visa to visit Hong Kong?

Currently Indian citizens may visit Hong Kong visa-free for a stay of up to 14 days. All pre-arrival registration (PAR) are substantial for 6 months or until the expiry date of Indian passport linked to it, whichever is earlier.

When is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

The hottest occasions are from late May to mid-September with day by day highs averaging 33°C (91°F). The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to early December when the climate is bright, cool, and wonderful.

What are the options for local transport?

There are a lot of approaches to get around Hong Kong, regardless of whether it's by taxi, ferry, rail, transport or cable car. The city claims to be one of the world's most secure, most efficient and regular public transport system and a suitable payment method in the form of Octopus Card.

Is Hong Kong safe for visitors?

Violent crime is generally very low in Hong Kong, though travelers are always encouraged to take sensible precautions. Thousands of demonstrators have gathered in the airport and it is the biggest disruption to the territory since protests began in early June. Hong Kong protest are on since last 5 months now. But for tourists and travelers it is safe to explore the destination. All tourist attractions are open and activities are functioning as usual.

Which language is commonly spoken in Hong Kong?

Though English is one of Hong Kong´s official languages, most of the locals speak Cantonese, which is a dialect of Chinese. There are two major dialects of Chinese: Cantonese and Mandarin. Both are difficult languages to learn.

How to reach Hong Kong?

Taking a non-stop flight from India to Hong Kong is the easiest approach to arrive. Everyday flights takeoff from main international airport from states like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Air India, Jet Airways IndiGo, Spice Jet are the fundamental airlines to Hong Kong. A departure from Delhi (DEL) to Hong Kong (HKG) takes around 5 hours to arrive. 

By Air: There are 2 airports in Hong Kong. One is the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok. The other one is in Sheh Kong which is the Sheh Kong Airport. Numerous flights take off to and fro. The most well-known flights here are Cathway Pacific, Air India, Emirate Flights, Euro flights and some more.

What should be the duration of the Hong Kong tour?

The recommended duration for holidaying in Hong Kong is 4 Nights, Hong Kong and Macau is 5 nights, Hong Kong Macau cruise is for 7 Nights, Hong Kong Shenzhen Macau is for 7 Nights, Hong Kong Chimelong Macau is for 7 Nights. But, a traveler is free to extend the duration based on the romantic destinations they wish to cover.

What are the best places to visit in Hong Kong?

With some of the classic attractions, it also showcases the best places to visit in Hong Kong which is a dream for every traveler. Hong Kong manages to be trendy all the time, and yet symbolizes its own identity. 

What activities can be done with kids on the Hong Kong tour?

The top things that people can do in Hong Kong with kids are, you can check out our Hong Kong kids’ special packages :

  • Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

  • Visiting Ocean Park

  • Shopping at toy street

  • Visiting Hong Kong Science Museum

  • Going to watch the pink dolphin

  • Riding ferry on an outer island

  • Visiting trick eye museum

  • Eating character dim sum

What are some of the things to do in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is surely a crowded destination even if it is a relatively small group of islands. It offers some of the famous attractions that will surely draw your attention. It has amazing things to do in Hong Kong which dazzles the country’s city life:

Which are the best Hong Kong tour packages offered by Flamingo Transworld?

Flamingo Transworld offers you with some of the best packages for Hong Kong and they are as below:

Which services can I book through Flamingo Website?

Flamingo Transworld offers online booking services through flights and hotels .

Can I get a customized package of Hong Kong and Macau?

Yes, Flamingo does provide you with customized tour packages in whichyou can choose the destination according to your choices.

Hong Kong Holiday Packages : Hong Kong is an autonomous territory and former British colony in southern China. The business district features architectural sites. Usually it takes more than one time to cover all the best things to do in Hong Kong. Major attractions on Hong Kong Tour are suitable for all seasons. It is an endlessly fascinating destination known for its rich history, its cultural diversity and lots to discover.

Hong Kong tour packages have an energy about it that is difficult to explain. Around every corner is something new and unique be it an ancient temple, a shop selling electronic gadgets, nature or magnificent landscapes. Hong Kong tour is loaded with landscapes, sea, architectures, wonderful beaches, great hikes, and traditional fishing villages with slower pace. It is one of the most impressive cities in the world which will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Here is a list of attractions which will make your trip to Hong Kong legendary:

The Peak:  The view from the Peak is breathtaking. The highest point in Hong Kong shows the perfect skyline which has been most exclusive neighborhood since colonial times. Tourists are attracted here for its cool breeze and spectacular cityscapes. The Peak tram is also something you should explore to get and historical funicular experience.

Hong Kong Disneyland: Hong Kong Disneyland is inspired from the original Disneyland in California. The resort is spread over 310 acres and includes a theme park with four lands based on fantasy, space, adventure and also 2 themed hotels. It features some of the best attractions and entertainment from Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Fantasyland, Stitch in Tomorrowland, Donald Duck and Chip and many more. Book your Hong Kong Tour Package now and get ready to explore all of it.

Star Ferry: Star Ferry is a hive of activity. Taking a ride by the main route from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central, it’s hard to be struck by the dense towers of Hong Kong backed by green mountains rising up in front of you. If you plan it at the right time in the evening you can get a chance to enjoy the splendor of the nightly laser show.

Big Buddha:  The 34 meter high “Big Buddha” sits atop Lantau Islands Po Lin monastery which is believed to be the largest standing status of its kind in the world and took 12 years to complete. Po Lin is a big site and had many other interesting things to check out like Wisdom Path, a teahouse, tea plantations, cultural villages and many popular vegetarian restaurants. 

Victoria Central Business District:  Wander through the Victoria Central Business District and you will find reasons why Hong Kong is one of the great international financial hubs in the world. You will get see a few colonial buildings in this neighborhood and many new skyscrapers rising around you at every turn.


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