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Officially called the Republic of Maldives, this South Asian country is the smallest in terms of land and population. It is located on the Indian Ocean southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The Maldives has a chain of 26 atolls consisting of around 1190 small coral islands that are grouped in clusters also called atolls. Their official language is Dhivehi which is almost like the Sinhala language of Sri Lanka. Every year, many tourists book their Maldives holiday tour package to visit this tropical paradise as it is a famous honeymoon destination and also for a family vacation. It is well known for turquoise waters, small coral islands, marine life, luxurious resorts, and water sport activities.

Tourism wise Maldives caters to all tastes and for your Maldives tour packages, we can help you create an itinerary where you can visit many important places, have fun with adventure activities and stay at luxurious hotels.

At Flamingo Transworld, we offer different kinds of a tour from various states of India, as per your requirements, offering the best 
hotels in Maldives along with exciting theme tours like Maldives honeymoon tour packageMaldives luxury tours and more so that you have an unforgettable experience in this tropical island. 

About Maldives:

The name of this beautiful island nation is derived from the Sanskrit word Maladvipa where mala means garland and dvipa meaning island or Maala Divaina in Sinhala meaning Necklace Islands. If you view from the sky then it will look like a necklace in the ocean. Each year many Indian tourists book their Maldives tour package to get the best deals in some of the most luxurious resorts. This country attracts many visitorsworldwide and in 2019 more than 1.5 million people visited surpassing its total number of visitors in 2018 which is an impressive milestone.

The Maldives extends from North to South with around 820 km and from East to West around 130 km.Islam is the religion followed in the Maldives and more than half of the population is considered rural apart from those living in Male. Most of the atolls are low-lying coral islands around 5 ft above sea level where you will find sandy beaches, palm trees, breadfruit trees, lagoons, and tropical bushes.The economy of Maldives is mostly dependant on fishing and tourism.There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Maldives like Male, Hulhumale, Maafushi Island, Vaadhoo Island, and Addu atoll.

In 1887, The Maldives was controlled by the British and got independence from them on 26th July 1965. Tourism in the Maldives began to evolve in the 1970s and now it is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. All the islands in the Maldives do not rise more than 5 ft above the sea level but due to global warming and melting of ice, the Maldives is directly threatened. On 26th December 2004, after an earthquake, a powerful tsunami hit the Indian Ocean affecting 12 Asian countries one of them was the Maldives which was severely destroyed. They started the rebuilding process and since then never looked back.

How to reach the Maldives:

The Maldives is an island nation surrounded by water so the only travel here is by air. However, there are different modes of transportations to travel from one island to another.

By Airways:

Velana International Airport is the main airport in the Maldives near the capital city of Male. There are many direct flights operating to Male from major Asian and Gulf countries while people who are looking to travel from North America, Europe, and Africa can travel via Gulf cities. From India, airlines like Indigo, Go Air, and Air India have direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, and major cities from South India. For travel between the islands one can take the below options.

Domestic Flight:

It is a cheaper option among the three but it can be a tiring option because the flight will not land you on your island so you may need to take a speedboat ride after this domestic flight. Don’t forget the long journey you take from your country to reach Male.


This is a costly option but if money is not a concern to you then use this mode of transportation to make your trip an extra special one. The view you will get from the top is simply amazing.


One of the most preferred modes of transportation between the islands, this can be a bumpy enjoyable ride.

Where to stay in Maldives:

The Maldives is a tropical country, offering a variety of 
places to see and things to do assuring your trip to be a memorable one. If you have thought of a particular region to visit in the Maldives then you can check our Maldives holiday tour packages to find out the perfect hotels for you to stay.

Places to visit in Maldives:

With Maldives tourism focusing more on tourist spots and water sports activities there are more options for people to visit and explore the untouched areas. Each place has its specialty so let us check some of the places to see in Maldives one must visit.


The largest city in the Maldives, Male is a must-visit place for some fun attractions or if you love shopping. Some of the tourist attractions here are the Tsunami Monument, Male’s National Museum while fun things you can do here are scuba diving and snorkeling. For shopaholics, there are Indian bazaars and local markets where you can buy some handicrafts.

Maafushi Island:

One must visit this island for its fancy beaches and delicious food if you are a non-vegetarian. One will thoroughly relish visiting this place as the chances of meeting shark and manta rays while diving is higher here. It is one of the best offbeat destinations for budget travelers due to a lot of local guesthouse options available here.

Hulhumale Island:

This is a reclaimed island situated near Male and also home to the Velana International Airport. This island is known for its lively culture, crystal clear waters, and picturesque landscapes. Also, you will find here lots of dining options like fast food, Indian and Thai food. One can do water activities like jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, etc.

Banana Reef:

Shaped like a banana, this is the perfect place for diving enthusiasts due to the colorful corals and sandbanks that lie beneath the water. One will be amazed to see the marine life it supports.

Artificial Beach:

Since the Maldives does not have a natural beach, this artificial beach attracts many tourists especially among young crowds. Not known for luxurious properties, you can visit this beach for fun water activities or the cafes that can be found in its vicinity. If you are lucky then you can see sharks or hang out at Manta point to get a chance to look at Manta Rays.

COMO Cocoa Island:

This Island is home to many water villas that are 5-star level with the best of facilities that you can imagine. One can indulge in a spa retreat or take a long walk on the white powder sand and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings this island possesses.

Things to do in Maldives:

The Maldives is one of the best vacation spots around the world with plenty of 
things to do in Maldives that you will remember for a lifetime. Below is the list of things to do here.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling:

Being one of the prime destinations for scuba diving in the world, there are many dive centers where you can take various diving options to one of the many reefs. If you are not comfortable with this then you should go snorkeling because in the Maldives you don’t have to go deep and yet get a chance to see sea turtles. Due to crystal clear waters, the visibility is pretty good so chances are good to see the marine life.

Maldive Victory:

How can something destructive be so beautiful? This is a famous diving spot situated between the islands of Male and Hulhumale. There is a shipwreck named Maldive Victory beneath the waters here where many marine animals have made it their home. It is a kind of experience that should not be missed if you are comfortable diving deep into the waters.

Dolphin Watching:

Dolphins are very friendly aquatic mammals and people of all ages get happy to even get a glimpse of Dolphins. A dolphin excursion is one of the best things to do in Maldives which can be found in abundance in this island country. Dolphins in the Maldives are playful, active, and love to play in the waters giving a great show for the visitors.

Visit Spa:

If you are on a romantic vacation then visiting a spa is recommended where you can go for a couple’s massage. The masseurs are very skillful and professional taking out all your stress and pains. Once your massage is done you should just relish the relaxation and enjoy the beauty this island presents.

Dine at an underwater restaurant:

It will be a truly special moment to dine in an underwater restaurant with 180-degree views of the marine life. Imagine you are eating and right next to you there is a sea turtle, manta rays, or even a shark. There are few underwater restaurants in the Maldives and although costly, but you must visit one of them so a unique experience as you will not be visiting this country often.


Surfing in the Maldives is gaining popularity worldwide as the swells here are perfect that reach around your shoulder or head height unlike other destinations where waves are very powerful that are suitable for professionals only. Male Atoll is a famous spot for surfing with a lot of crowds almost throughout the year.

Paddle Boarding:

Try your balancing skills through paddle boarding. The Maldives is one of the best spots for paddle boarding because of calm shallow waters in most of the islands which is the first requirement for this water activity.

Seaplane ride:

If you want the real look of this tropical island paradise then a seaplane is the best option. It is a small aircraft with a 2-seater behind and a pilot who gives you a ride in the air to have a view of the Maldives islands. This plane lands on the waters and these experiences may not be found in many tourist places in the world.

Stay at Water bungalows

The Maldives is home to water villas having the most in the world all at 5-star level. This is villa is on the waters giving you the privacy you need on your vacation. Some of the hi-end villas have a slider for you to enter the waters from your room itself and you can comeback through a ladder. The experience to stay in a water villa is really unforgettable.

Best time to visit the Maldives:

The Maldives is a year-round destination but when you are booking a Maldives tour package you should take note of the seasons as it can be very costly during peak season or in the off-season you can get some good deals in hotels in Maldives. The temperature is normally between 23°C and 31°C (74-89°F) with hot and sunny weather but not expecting light showers in the island places would be wrong. Below is the best time to visit in Maldives:

Peak Season:

The perfect time visiting the Maldives is between November and April but it is also the peak season which means hotels and flight rates would be on the higher side. However, this destination is so beautiful it is absolutely worth visiting here at a higher cost.


The off-season in the Maldives is between May to October as this is when the monsoon runs here. This is the best period to get some great deals on hotels and flights but chances are you may not be able to enjoy the destination as planned due to regular showers.


Frequently asked questions about Maldives Tour Packages

Are resorts in Maldives fully open?

Yes, 94 % of the resorts in Maldives are fully open; rest of the resorts will reopen till November 2020 so they are looking forward to welcome travelers during winter travel months. Also, Ministry of Health has green-lit numerous retreats around the nation to begin facilitating visitors; these hotels have exceptional quarantine and medicinal facilities.

Do I need a Covid-19 test done when travelling to Maldives?

Indeed, according to the declaration by Maldives service of the travel industry all the guests are required to introduce a negative Covid-19 test on the landing in Velana International Airport. And the test should be conducted before 72 hours prior to the departure of Maldives.

Where can I find a testing facility in Maldives?
Various resorts in Maldives provide testing services for guests who are required to undergo the PCR test before 2-3 days prior to their departure. And the test is subject to a charge of $150 net per person.
Will I have to be quarantined for 14 days after arriving in Maldives?
No, one doesn’t need to be quarantined upon arrival. But those travelers having symptoms of Covid-19 need to undergo a PCR test at the travelers cost.
Do I have to do a Covid-19 test before I leave Maldives?

According to the Maldives authorities it depends on you that if you wish to take Covid-19 test before your departure or not. If you wish to take a test it can be arranged through your hotel representative.

Where can I find the latest updates about Covid-19 situation in Maldives?

Here are some official sources by the Maldives authorities for updated information on the COVID-19 situation in the Maldives.

Latest COVID-19 updates:

Maldives COVID-19 Dashboard:

Is social distancing and face masks required in public places?

Yes the Maldivian government has declared that it is mandatory for everyone to wear face masks in public and also maintain social distancing.

What is the best time to visit Maldives?
The best time to visit Maldives is between the months of November and April. The high season falls between December and March. As it is the best time to visit the destination, it gets quite crowded and expensive. However, you won’t have to deal much with the crowd as each resort has its own island. 
Is Indian currency accepted in Maldives?
No, Indian currency is not accepted in Maldives. It has a non-convertible currency (Maldivian Rufiyaa) which cannot be purchased beforehand. The US Dollar is accepted as it has a legal tender throughout the Maldives.
How many hours is India to Maldives?
Normally, the total flight duration from India to Maldives is 3 hours, 23 minutes. It also takes extra 30 minutes for take-off and landing. Your exact time may vary due to weather conditions also. You can get non-stop flights from the major cities of India like: Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, and Bengaluru.
Which airlines fly to Maldives?
Island Aviation Services, Go Air & IndiGo fly most frequently from India to Maldives. The most popular route is Mumbai to Malé. And Go Air and IndiGo flights also take this route the majority of the time.
What are the best places to visit in Maldives?
What are the best things to do in Maldives?
Which is the main airport in Maldives?
Male International Airport is the main international airport which is situated on Hulhule Island in the North Male Atoll, near the capital island Male. And it is the main gateway into the Maldives islands for tourists. 
How many days in Maldives are enough to explore?
Maldives is ideal for short stay than a longer one. Anything more than 1 week will be too much. So, the time frame to explore Maldives is 4 to 5 days.
What are the best Maldives tour packages offered by Flamingo Transworld?
Flamingo offers multiple hotels packages to Maldives where you can select and book resorts as per your choice, date and budget. We also offer a fixed itinerary of Sri Lanka and Maldives tour for 8 nights/9 days. 
Can I carry alcohol to Maldives?
Not at all, in fact it is illegal to carry alcohol to the Maldives. Your resort would have a special permit from its government for serving premium international liquor brands.